[NEWS/INFO] 120918 G-Dragon Talks about the Mystery Girl Featured in his track “In The End”


Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, recently introduced the member from YG’s new girl group who featured in his new song, “In The End.”

Earlier, G-Dragon held a Naver Music countdown event where he talked about the songs from his first mini album, “One of a Kind”.

It was reported previously that a member from YG’s new girl group will be featured on G-Dragon’s new song. It was also revealed that this member is a new face who hasn’t released any teaser yet.

At the middle of the video, G-Dragon started introducing the member. He stated, “The highlight of this song is not me but a member of YG’s new girl group that have not been introduced to you guys yet.”

“She’s young but I really like her voice. Something is, how should I put this? It’s a voice that I like. Yes. So I can’t reveal the name of the new girl group but please anticipate them,” he continued.

“You did well! Good job! Thanks!,” G-Dragon stated to the member. After he introduced, he continue to introduce the other songs.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon releases the video footage with fellow member Taeyang. With Tablo, Lydia Paek and with Choice37 as well. The video was filmed at YG Entertainment‘s studio.

See the video footage below: [23:34 onwards]

Note: The song “In The End” can also be entitled as “Without You.”

Video Source: BIGBANG

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