[YG-LIFE] 140507 K-Pop Star 3’s Jang Hanna Decided To Settle at YG, Possibly Joining its New Girl Group

She is to debut as a new YG girl group member in the second half this year.

SBS K-pop Star 3’s JANG HANNA (18) confirmed her decision to go to YG Entertainment (“YG”), one of the biggest K-pop management companies in Korea.

Multiple sources from broadcasting and K-pop industries told Star News on May 7 that JANG HANNA joined YG on April 13 right after the end of ‘K-pop Star 3’, and already started training in YG about a month ago. This shows that JANG HANNA’s decision to choose YG as her agency is already a fact.

JANG HANNA, known for her resemblance to Wonder Girls’ Sohee during K-pop Star 3, has trust in YANG HYUN SUK, CEO of YG and K-pop Star’s judge, and her trust seemed to have greatly impacted her decision to settle at YG.

During K-pop Star 3, YANG showed his high expectations for JANG HANNA, who made it to the top 8, complimenting her openly, which was unusual for YANG. JANG HANNA made her decision to go to YG because of YANG’s belief in her potential and his exceptional talent of ‘incubating future stars’. YANG also decided to scout Jang Hanna, valuing her potential talent.

Indeed, YANG has actively scouted ‘uncut gemstones’ with potential like LEEHI, LEE SEUNG HOON (WINNER) and KOO JUN HOE (WIN’s TEAM B) from K-Pop Star 1 and K-Pop Star 2’s first winner AKDONG MUSICIAN (LEE CHAN HYUK & LEE SOO HYUN) and second winner BANG YEDAM. YANG helped them to work on the music they want, gave them opportunity to officially debut in the K-pop world, and turned them into unique stars.

This can be proven by the fact that AKDONG MUSICIAN remained in the high rankings on many music charts with their debut album’s title track “200%” in April this year.

The Korean pop industry expects that JANG HANNA will debut not as a solo like LEE HI, but will take a different style because YANG does not like staging similar-styled singers from YG.

According to information that Star News acquired, JANG HANNA is highly likely to be a member of YG’s new girl group, which is to debut in the second half of this year.

In YG’s new girl group, KIM EUNBI (born in 1993) who made it to the top 6 in 2010 Superstar K2, KIM JENNIE (born in 1996) who starred as a main character in G-DRAGON’s music video “That xx”, KIM JISOO who is an amazing dancer with a beautiful look and a 17-year-old half-Korean girl have already joined.

At the moment, JANG HANNA (born in 1996) is very likely to join this group because she is 18, similar to the age of the other members of the new YG girl group and has unique characteristics distinguished from other members.

The fans are already wondering how JANG HANNA, who confirmed to be with YG, will transform and meet them officially in the K-pop world.

Earlier, YG already scouted LEE CHAE YOUNG, a contestant from K-pop Star 3, raising expectations of fans.

Meanwhile, YG remains silent, not confirming its scouting of JANG HANNA yet.

Source: YG-Life

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