[YG-LIFE] 140508 YG Has Officially Aknowledged that KPOPSTAR 3‘s JANG HAN NA Joined YG… “Been Trained for a Month”

YG Entertainment (“YG”) has officially acknowledged the fact that they scouted JANG HAN NA (18), who appeared in SBS TV’s audition program “KPOPSTAR 3″.

On the 8, YG said, “Jang Han Na joined YG and has been trained for about a month”.

JANG HAN NA was one of the top 8 contestees of “KPOPSTAR 3″ and she created sensation with her soulful vocal. YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK recognized Jang’s talent and potential at a first glance and spared no praise for her from preliminary rounds of the contest.

On the 7 this month, key word “JANG HAN NA joined YG” was ranked in top places on the search word list of search engines, drawing a great attention.  However, on the day, YG did not confirmed the fact, saying, “we can not confirm it officially yet”.

YG has recently scouted LEE CHAE YOUNG, who was another contestee of “KPOPSTAR 3″, as well.

Source: YG-Life

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