[NEWS] 160630 YG Denies Having Plans For A Second New Girl Group


Korean media reported yesterday after revealing YG’s new girl group Black Pink that YG had plans for a second girl group, made up of the five trainees that are not debuting with Black Pink. Earlier reports also claim that YG Entertainment planned on approaching Black Pink’s marketing with a similar strategy to brother groups WINNER and iKON, so the label has stepped up to deny everyone’s suspicions.

A source from YG clarified to MyDaily on June 30 that there are no plans for a second girl group yet. “As it is with all large agencies, YG has 50 some trainees that have been with us for years. It hasn’t been decided whether the trainees that were not included in Black Pink will be debuting together or with other trainees.”

Black Pink currently has three music videos scheduled for filming, aiming for debut toward the end of July. The group is working with YG’s main producer Teddy as well as four famous choreographers from abroad.

Source: SoompiAllkpop

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YG Entertainment Addresses Rumors of Second Debut Group


As YG Entertainment′s new girl group BlackPink prepares for their debut at the end of July, there are also rumors that the agency is planning to debut a second group of girls who have trained with BlackPink for many years.

This is due to the fact that the final 4 members of BlackPink announced on June 29 is less than fans expected.

Many have assumed that YG Entertainment is preparing to debut a second group with the remaining trainees. However, YG Entertainment has stated, “We don′t have any plans yet.”

BlackPink is the agency′s first girl group debut in 7 years and they plan to focus solely on the new group.

A YG Entertainment representative stated, “Similar to other large scale agencies, YG also has around 50 trainees who have been training hard for many years. However, we have not yet decided whether the members not included in BlackPink will debut as one team or if they will debut with other trainees.”

BlackPink, who announced their official name for the first time on June 29, is already receiving attention even before their debut. Their name was the most seen news and reached number 1 on real-time searched words.

Meanwhile, BlackPink is currently filming for 3 music videos and YG Entertainment has hired international choreographers in order to successful debut their first girl group. The members of BlackPink are focusing on the last preparations before their official debut.

Source: enewsworld

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