[YG-LIFE] 160710 BLACKPINK Releases New Profile Pictures and Shows off Breathtaking Looks

YG Entertainment is putting the finishing touches to the debut of their new girl group, BLACKPINK.

On July 10, YG posted new profile pictures of BLACKPINK members—JISOO, LISA, JENNIE, and ROSÉ—on their official blog.

In her profile picture, JISOO is like a black swan looking breathtaking in a black dress. LISA looks chic in a black tank top and white jeans. JENNIE has a bad/sporty girl thing going on, and ROSÉ looks calm and casual. The profile pictures show different charms of the group, from powerful and sexy to innocent.

160712 blackpink

BLACKPINK is YG’s new girl group. The last time YG launched a new girl group was seven years ago when they launched 2NE1. BLACKPINK’s dance practice video was released on July 6, and the video posted more than two million views in just four days, demonstrating fans’ anticipation for the group.

LISA is the first non-Korean artist of YG. YG noted, “BLACKPINK members are all fluent in English and Japanese. BLACKPINK’s target is not only the domestic market but also the global market.” Since TEDDY is in charge of producing BLACKPINK’s music, expectations are running high.

BLACKPINK is to debut at the end of July. People say that a new generation of girl groups is dominating the music scene in 2016. Will BLACKPINK be able to become one of the key players?

View the photos in HQ HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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