[TUTORIAL] How To Create A MelOn Account (PC/Desktop)

*As of August 4, MelOn has restricted its registration to only those with Korean phone number and/or those with a KakaoTalk account. With those said, the instructions below are not valid anymore. *We’re keeping this here for reference and in chances MelOn opens email registration again.*

1. Go to and click on “회원가입” as highlighted to sign up.


2. You will be directed to a page similar to the screencap below. You have to choose the “Email Verification” tab on the right (otherwise, the “Mobile Phone Verification” on the left if you are living in Korea and have a Korean phone number). Fill in the needed information. Tick the boxes to agree on Melon’s “Terms and Conditions”. First 3 boxes are required. The last box asks you for email subscription to their newsletter and such so its optional. Then click Next.


3. A verification code will then be sent to your email same as below while you are brought to the next page. Type in the code and wait for a green icon with a check mark to appear. Fill in the next fields to proceed. If you get a red text, it means that name has already been taken or its not available/possible. Green means it’s good to go.


4. Registration is complete and you can click the green button to log in.


Tutorial by Jaybee of YGDreamers

3 replies on “[TUTORIAL] How To Create A MelOn Account (PC/Desktop)”

[…] MelOn is one of the largest and most influential online music store of South Korea. Digital sales (downloads and streams) contribute a big chunk to most music shows’ ranking and point system and so it would be very helpful to purchase and stream BLACKPINK’s songs from MelOn or other Korean online music store. This post will guide you on how to download and stream songs on MelOn. If you don’t have a MelOn account yet, you can check this post. […]


As of December 2017, MelOn has made it impossible for international fans to make a new account on their last system update. MelOn added verification via Korean phone number for the sign up to be successful. i-Pin has also been removed as verification too.


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