[YG-LIFE] 160807 Dance Practice of YG’s BLACKPINK Surpasses 6 Million Views

The dance practice video of BLACKPINK surpassed six million views on the day before the group’s official debut. The short dance practice video was released online, and it was the first time the public saw BLACKPINK members as a group. The video is currently posting high views.

Seven years have passed since YG Entertainment launched a new girl group. After announcing that its new girl group BLACKPINK will officially debut on August 8, YG released BLACKPINK’s dance practice video on July 6. The video, which features all the members of BLACKPINK dancing passionately, posted one million views in just a day after its release. Then, it surpassed two million views in three days, three million in nine days, and four million in two weeks. The rapidly rise in the video’s views demonstrate the group’s popularity.

Indeed, BLACKPINK is going viral worldwide. Fans around the world are sending their support for JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA by posting dance covers and reaction videos online.

It’s rare that a rookie receives so much spotlight. From July 1, the profile of members had been released one by one every week, and thanks to the members’ gorgeous looks, which is unusual for YG artists, fans have been anticipating to see them. The view is that YG has succeeded in forming a group with members that have both the talent and the looks. The fact that YG’s main producer TEDDY was put in charge of producing BLACKPINK’s album only raised the expectations even more.

1608067 D-2 BLACKPINK_1

In a way, YG is very cheeky. Today, there are so many idol groups, and other labels are launching groups that have diverse members, much like confectionary boxes. But, YG is going to launch a four-member group. Idol groups nowadays consist of at least five members, and some of them as much as 12 or 13, but YG is jumping into the game only with a selected few.

The group’s name also shows the group’s identity. The name “BLACKPINK” combines black and pink, which represent special and universal, respectively. So, the name reflects that four members, who are as pretty as the color pink, have infinite potential, uniqueness, and charisma as the color black.

BLACKPINK’s debut singles, “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE”, and the songs’ music videos are to be released at 8 PM on August 8. Earlier in the day at 3 PM, a showcase will be held, and BLACKPINK members will appear before the public for the first time. The showcase will be broadcasted live on Naver V App.

Source: YG-Life

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