[OFFICIAL] BLACKPINK’s YGE Artist Page + Where To Purchase ‘SQUARE ONE’ Digital Single Album

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BLACKPINK is a rookie girl group who has been created by hard-training of YG. The members’ talent that has been polished by the long-time training and collaboration with YG artists is already recognized.

Debut album [SQUARE ONE] with which BLACKPINK makes their first public appearance boasts the utmost quality, as YG’s best producer TEDDY worked on the album for the past two years. The unique sound differentiated from that of other girl groups well-reveals BLACKPINK’s outstanding talent.

[SQUARE ONE] which displays the black-label quality of YG’s music and BLACKPINK’s unprecedented charms at the same time will mark the beginning of YG’s new girl group that is finally unveiled now.

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Produced By: Teddy, Future Bounce | Written By: Teddy, Bekah Boom

Beginning with bass and the 808 drum, “WHISTLE”, is a track with water-drop effect that catches the ears along with easy melody line. It is a catchy hip-hop musisc that presents BLACKPINK’s groovy rap and soulful vocal. The whistling hook part in the chorus of the song is so catchy that anyone who listens to it would sing along right away. The lyrics of the song are about a girl’s one real love out of many men, as well as her profound wish to confirm the love.


Produced By: Teddy | Written By: Teddy, Bekah Boom

The intro part of “BOOMBAYAH” is built up on unique synth sound and rhythmical rapping. It is an EDM (cross-over) combined with electronic house and dance hall, a mega-trend genre that is sweeping American Billboard recently. In the energetic and powerful drop part in the chorus, the key is modulated to give a fresh twist. An intense drum beat and unique synth sound give a fulfilling vice. The hook part in which BLACKPINK shouts “Oppa” catches the ears, building up the excitement. The lyrics express a confiident and charismatic girl’s wish to dance the night away.

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