[YG-LIFE] 160808 YANG HYUN SUK Talks about the Difference between BLACKPINK and 2NE1

“I want to put them on the stage quickly!”

The showcase of BLACKPINK’s debut single album “SQUARE ONE” was held at a studio in Sinsa-dong on August 8. The music videos of BLACKPINK’s debut singles—“BOOMBAYA” and “WHISTLE”—were released for the first time, and YANG HYUN SUK came to the showcase to talk about the meaning of YG’s new girl group.

He started off by saying, “I don’t have much chance to meet reporters except for when I do ‘K Pop Star’. It never really got me nervous, but I was nervous before I got up on the stage today. For BLACKPINK members, today is like a birthday. I thought they might be very nervous, so I came to sit by them and show them my support.”

He went on to say, “I think it was four years ago when I first said I would release a new girl group. The biggest complaint we receive from fans is that YG artists release so few new songs or new albums. “

“I really try to find ways to make the fans happy. I understand that fans want to see the singers that they like as much as they can, and that’s why we work hard every day. YG’s system is that singers and the staff have to be satisfied with the music that was made before releasing it to the public. Compared with 20 years ago, YG has become larger and has more producers. But we never got great results when we put a time limit on creating contents.”

YANG HYUN SUK also said, “In the end, if YG releases music that the singers and the staff are satisfied with, fans are satisfied with it too. I want our music to be perfect, even if fans resent me for so much time. In that sense, I would like to apologize for taking so much time to debut BLACKPINK. Now that they will debut today, I’ll make sure the fans will get to see them a lot.”

JISOO said, “Our debut got delayed, but we were happy to wait because we thought it would be best to debut after we’re ready.”


The most number of questions that YANG HYUN SUK and members received were about BLACKPINK and 2NE1. YANG HYUN SUK said, “I didn’t really try to create something different. This was also the case when I made 2NE1. YG has its unique style. I think that the way to make the best girl group is to make one that is most YG-style. I didn’t really try to create another 2NE1 either. Just as the same jacket look different on another person, BLACKPINK members have different faces and voices from those of 2NE1 members. So, I thought to myself ‘Why not make the most YG-style girl group’. I tried to come up with the best.”

JISOO said, “We’ve been compared to 2NE1 a lot because we’re on the same label. But, they are seniors to us, and we want to be like them. We shouldn’t be compared, BLACKPINK just need to follow in the footsteps of 2NE1.” JENNIE commented, “We’ve been living together for several years, and we’re together 24/7. We really know each other well, and we’ve been practicing dancing and singing together for a long time. We’ve got a lot to show.”

YANG HYUN SUK had a lot of affection for BLACKPINK. He said, “I want to put them on the stage quickly. If they go on the stage, there won’t be any need for further explanations. I’m notorious for not giving praises. I never praised BLACKPINK, so I’m quite nervous about whether they will be able to do well on the stage. But, I saw them practice and I’m sure that they will do well. As time goes by, in just a month or a year or so, the public will be able to see that BLACKPINK is different from 2NE1.”

During the showcase, the music videos of “BOOMBAYA” and “WHISTLE” were released to the public for the first time. The “WHISTLE” music video was played first, and it is a song that is hypnotizing and dreamy-like. The 808 beat really stands out in the song as well as the rather unusual combination of rap and vocal. It shows the different appeals of each of the four members, and the music video is sensual yet sophisticated.

The music video of “BOOMBAYAH” was played afterwards. It is a song with a unique and catchy rhythm. The drum beat is strong, and it has a bit more public appeal than “WHISTLE”. Members look charismatic and confident in the music video.

BLACKPINK became an issue not only because they’re on YG but also because of their pretty looks. The group is a rookie that has both the looks and the talent. About this, YANG HYUN SUK commented, “YG has always tried to reverse the trend. But, with BLACKPINK, I wanted to reverse YG’s trend. I wanted to go in a direction that we’ve never tried before. Looks are in fact quite important.”

He went on to say, “I’ve always thought of talent as the no.1 priority and looks are just something extra. But because we’ve done this for the past 20 years, I started to think that I wanted to make a girl group that is talented and pretty a few years ago. In the case of BLACKPINK, they are not just pretty. Of course, it’s hard to find a whole package. There are few who can sing, dance and are gorgeous at the same time. I had this in mind from the get go, and so it took time. It was different when I made 2NE1 or BIG MAMA. I just wanted to do something that I haven’t done before. But, I don’t want their music to be cute and pretty as well. I want them to be a team that does YG-style music but pretty.”

160808 PRESS1

When asked why BLACKPINK is a four-member group just like 2NE1, YANG HYUN SUK answered,”Among the candidates, these four were the most closest. I think this is the most important thing. The members have to get along. These four have been doing the monthly assessment together for a long time. Watching them, I thought they would make a good team together. There were other candidates, but I didn’t want to go out of my way to make a five-member or a six-member group.”

About the direction of BLACKPINK’s promotions, YANG HYUN SUK said, “Their album has already been completed. We’ve been preparing for their album for more than two years, and we’ve finished making eight tracks. We already have a music video all set and done for another song. But the public needs time to get to know BLACKPINK. To be honest, I haven’t decided yet on whether to release their album or just release two singles next. I just want to put them on the stage quickly.”

JISOO said, “People have been saying that we’re YG’s first new girl group in seven years, and it has been a burden on us. But we practiced really hard and will try to put on a perfect stage. We’ll practice doing lives and dancing so that we don’t ruin YG’s reputation.”

160808 PRESS2

Lastly, YANG HYUN SUK said, “Because we don’t make many girl groups, it is a great burden. 2NE1 is on a short break right now, and BLACKPINK debut timing makes them a representative of YG artists. And I think they are very aware of that. I really do hope BLACKPINK will do well. I’ll do everything in my power to help them. I feel like I’m sending off my kids to school on their first day of elementary school. I’m sure they’ll adjust quickly and do better as time goes by. I hope you have faith in them too and send them your support.”

BLACKPINK is not a group that is hard to differentiate from 2NE1 as their music and their style is what suits them the most. YANG HYUN SUK repeated several times that he want to put them on the stage quickly, and if they are all what he say they are, it will be exciting to see the youngest YG group BLACKPINK grow.

Source: YG-Life

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