[YG-LIFE] 160809 GD Did Not Forget to Send Support for BLACKPINK Even on Vacation

160809 gdragon blackpink

G-DRAGON did not forget to send his support for his labelmates BLACKPINK although he was on vacation on Jeju Island.

On August 9, G-DRAGON posted several photos and videos on his Instagram page.

There was a photo of G-DRAGON with another man, who is most likely to be SEUNGRI, in the sea with starfishes on their faces. He also posted a video of dolphins that he saw while he was sailing on a boat.

But the most impressive thing was G-DRAGON’s love for his labelmates. He posted a video of BIGBANG members driving carts, and the background music was BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE”.


G-DRAGON had promoted BLACKPINK even when he was on a world tour. Since he is a global star with more than 10 million followers, G-DRAGON’s Instagram page is an effective promotion tool with an impact that matches the impact of YG’s all promotion means.

BLACKPINK’s debut singles “BOOMBAYA” and “WHISTLE” posted 100,0000 views in just a day after their release, and “WHISTLE” is currently dominating the charts.

G-DRAGON’s support played a part in the success of BLACKPINK’s debut. The situation is different from when 2NE1 debuted in 2009, but G-DRAGON’s support for his labelmates remains the same.

Source: YG-Life

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