[INSTAGRAM] 160814 G-Dragon and More from YG Family Supports/Promotes BLACKPINK

The drunk melody🎵@blackpinkofficial

G-Dragon also promoted BLACKPINK on Twitter and Weibo

160814 gdragon blackpink RT1160814 gdragon blackpink RT2160814 gdragon blackpink weibo1160814 gdragon blackpink weibo2

#BLACKPINK #Jisoo #Jennie #Lisa #Rosé #Inkigayo #FirstBroadcast #GoodJob 👏👏👏

Taeyang also liked ganzi78 (Lee Jae Wook)’s post

160814 _youngbae_ like ganzi78

A/N: Lee Jae Wook is YGE’s long time resident YG dancer/choreographer (HI-TECH), now a YG Director. The other two ladies in the photo are stylists.

160814 yg_republique blackpink

YG Republique is a restaurant complex under YG

Translation: VIP4Daesung via bigbangupdates | Jaybee @YGDreamers | KIMJ1WON

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