[YG-LIFE] 160901 BLACKPINK boasts monstrously charming look [Photo-shooting]

BLACKPINK who is called a monstrous rookie has unveiled their photos.

The September issue of entertainment and life-style magazine “1st LOOK” shows breath-taking charms of BLACKPINK’s four members JENNIE, JISOO, LISA, and ROSÉ going on a road trip away from their busy everyday lives.

160901 1stlookmag blackpink reebok 8

In the photos, BLACKPINK members are not wearing the fancy outfits and thick makeup as they do on the stage. The four girls with natural look are freely revealing their different appeals and charms.

In the photos, BLACKPINK members demonstrate vintage-style American high-teen look by mix and matching natural casual including t-shirts, knit wear, and short pants with point items such as denim, knee-socks, and leather jackets, against the backdrop of a vintage car.

BLACKPINK who drew keen attention as YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group full of talent from even before their debut is now making remarkable achievements upon their official debut, sweeping top places on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of all music-streaming websites in Korea as well as entering high ranks on major foreign music charts.

View more photos HERE

Source: YG-Life

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