[YG-LIFE] 160906 Exclusive: BLACKPINK to Make Their Last TV Appearance on September 11 to Prepare for their New Album

BLACKPINK will end their promotions for their debut album “SQUARE ONE” after appearing on Inkigayo this weekend.

On September 6, sources confirmed that BLACKPINK will appear on SBS’s Inkigayo on September 11 and then end their debut album promotions. Inkigayo will not air during the Chuseok holiday season, so BLACKPINK’s last TV appearance will take place on September 11.

160901 MelOn BLACKPINK BTS 1

BLACKPINK released their debut album “SQUARE ONE” on August 8, and its title tracks—“WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”—swept the charts. “WHISTLE” kept the no.1 spot on the charts for almost a month, which is rare for a rookie. BLACKPINK also became the girl group that topped music show charts in the shortest time. Because of their enormous popularity, BLACKPINK’s promotions went on longer than originally planned.

YG officials said, “BLACKPINK will be doing their last TV appearance on September 11 and end their debut album promotions. We thank the fans for their support. We’re sorry that BLACKPINK could not do promotions for longer although it was longer that what we’ve planned. BLACKPINK will be working hard on the new album from now on. We think that releasing a good album is the only way to reciprocate the fans’ love. BLACKPINK will do a wider range of promotions for their next album”.

BLACKPINK is the first girl group that YG launched in seven years, and upon debut, the group took Korea’s pop music scene by storm. They proved that they have the talent and the looks with their debut album, and expectations are running high for their next album.

Source: YG-Life

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