[YG-LIFE] 160922 BLACKPINK took No.1 on American Amazon’s “Best-seller International Rap” chart

Rookie girl group BLACKPINK went beyond Korea to dominate the biggest pop music market in the world, by taking No.1 on “Best Seller” chart of American Amazon, the biggest on-line transaction platform in the world.


As of September 21 at 10PM, “BOOMBAYAH”, one of the double title tracks of BLACKPINK’s debut single “SQUARE ONE”, took No.1 on “MP3 Download International Rap”, a sub-section of American Amazon’s “Best Seller” chart. “WHISTLE”, the other title track, also took No.5 on the chart, showing BLACKPINK’s substantial presence in the world music scene.

Such record also shows BLACKPINK’s influence in the world’s biggest pop music market, as well as the big potential for the future.


Plus, the official music video of “BOOMBAYAH” posted on YouTube is recording 39,790,000 views as of September 22 in the morning, boasting unending popularity. It will soon reach the 40 million views mark.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK successfully rounded off month-long performances for their debut single, taking No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” aired on September 11. BLACKPINK kicked off preparation for new songs right away and now the girls are working hard on their next album.

Source: YG-Life

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