[YG-LIFE] 161022 BLACKPINK to Come Back on November 1 All Set to Rock the Charts Once Again

Why were they in such a rush to wrap up their debut album promotions? I’m talking about YG’s new girl group, BLACKPINK. The reason was that they wanted to focus on making their next EP, and making a great one at that. Contrary to the expectations of music experts, BLACKPINK is to make an early comeback on November 1.

MelOn Profile Photo_160808

BLACKPINK is YG’s first girl group in seven years. Upon its debut in August, BLACKPINK’s song “WHISTLE” dominated the charts. The group also won three trophies in a music show. However, BLACKPINK wasted no time basking in its success and rushed to making preparations for its second album under YG CEO YANG HYUN SUK’s lead. The members did not even take time off during the Chuseok holiday, but instead filmed their music videos. Thanks to their hard work and YG’s full support, BLACKPINK’s comeback date has been set to November 1.


Recently, on October 20, YG released a poster announcing that BLACKPINK will release its next album “SQUARE TWO” on November 11 on its official blog ( BLACKPINK debuted with “SQUARE ONE” on August 8, and its double title tracks—“WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”—took the charts by storm.

In particular, “WHISTLE” topped all the major realtime, daily, and weekly charts for almost a month and became no.1 on six monthly charts. The song also became no.1 on a music show in just 14 days after BLACKPINK’s debut, which is extraordinary for a rookie. BLACKPINK has opened a new chapter in the history of Korean pop by becoming the girl group that took the no.1 spot of a music show chart in the shortest time after debut.

160829 BLACKPINK MelOn Popularity Award

BLACKPINK is not only huge in Korea. Its songs topped China’s QQ music charts and the iTunes charts of 14 countries. It also ranked high on UK Amazon and US Billboard charts.

Entertainment Weekly, an American magazine published by Time Inc., praised BLACKPINK and said, “All-female girl groups are everywhere in South Korea, but the bass-heavy sounds of the four-piece supergroup BLACKPINK stand out in a big way. With opening lyrics like “Hey boy. Make ya whistle like a missile,” the quartet’s latest single promises an unabashedly playful ride from the start. The song quickly turns up the heat, layering irresistible finger snaps, a saccharine bridge, electric guitar riffs, mammoth bass, and, of course, cow bell-accompanied whistles.”

BLACKPINK didn’t achieve all this success by chance. The group has everything from good singing and performance skills to looks and charm. The members had been trained at YG for as much as six years. For the last 20 years, YG was well known for picking its artists based on skills and not on looks. But with BLACKPINK, YG said from the start that it had wanted to make a girl group that has the looks and the talent.

160821 blackpink

YG named the group BLACKPINK to reflect a slight denial of the prettiest color pink and to say “Looks arent’ everything” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Therefore, expectations are running high on what BLACKPINK has under its sleeve for its next EP.

There is another point that you should look out for. YG artists are going global because their music and fashion is sophisticated and fresh. BLACKPINK has already gained recognition for their great fashion styles, and expectations are running high for their fashion styles for their next album.

Source: YG-Life

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