[INSTAGRAM/TRANS] 161111 Jisoo & Rosé Ask How You Like Their Performance on MCountdown + Lisa’s

TRANS: #BLACKPINK #JISOO #PlayingWithFire #STAY #BLACKPINK #BeulPing #ChiChoo #NoFun #LotsOfLove #WillBeLotsOfFun 💜 Everyone~ How was our stage today?? Was it okay?? Haha Have you all seen our first VApp? It was a surprise☺️ From now on, we’ll be lots of fun so watch us a lot!^^ It’s getting cold everyday so be careful of not catching colds/flu! Thank you so much for always supporting us and we love you! ❤️
(I forgot! Nyongan Nyongan, everybody ✌️️)

T/N: Nyongan is reversed Annyeong which means Hello/Hi in English

TRANS: #BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #STAY #PWF #PlayingWithFire 🐰Everyone! Are you asleep? Haha It was so great to see the fans’ pretty and cool faces again today💜Thank you for coming to see us 😇💘See you often~ 🐰hey everyone 💜 how did u guys like our performance today? ☺️ we’re so thankful for all the fans who came out to see and support us once again 💘 #loveubaes #sweetdreams

TRANS: #blackpinklisa #lisa #Lisa #blackpink #BLACKPINK #PlayingWithFire #stay Everyone~~~~ Hello!! Did you receive *peperos today?🙈🙈🙈 Did you eat a lot??? It’s getting late now so everybody quickly go to sleep 😊😊 Dream of BLACKPINK~~~💤

T/N: *Pepero is a cookie stick manufactured by Lotte and November 11th of every year (11/11: resembling 4 pepero sticks) is Pepero Day. It’s similar to Valentine’s Day where friends and loved ones exchange peperos to show affection to each other.

Translation by Jaybee at YGDreamers

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