[YG-LIFE] 161122 Exclusive: YG decided not to attend this year’s MAMA… “Difficult to stay overseas because of busy schedules in Korea”

All the artists of YG Entertainment will not attend “2016 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)”.

According to a broadcasting insider, YG has decided not to attend this year’s MAMA to be held on December 2 at AWE (AsiaWorld-Expo) in Hong Kong and asked for MAMA’s understanding for their nonattendance.

YG’s BIGBANG, PSY, and SECHSKIES are to release new songs in this December, so they are now busy with working on their new albums and practicing for upcoming concerts. As they cannot make time to attend MAMA staying for three days overseas, YG decided on nonattendance at MAMA. Accordingly, BLACKPINK who is thought to be one of the strongest candidates for MAMA’s rookie of the year award for this year has also decided not to stand on the stage of MAMA.


Regarding such decision, an YG insider explained, “As the on-line voting for winners of MAMA’s awards will end on December 1, we still do not know about whether YG artists will receive awards or not, but we decided that there isn’t enough time for our artists to practice for their performance for MAMA to be held on next weekend, even if our artists are cast right now”.

Generally, music awards held in the Christmas holiday season cast artists to perform on their stages two months earlier. Then, they hold meetings with music labels to decide on the production of stage and performances. Indeed, “2016 Melon Music Awards” that was held recently began to talk with music labels from two months before the awards’ day.

However, for this year’s MAMA, the process of casting artists to perform in it has yet to be completed. YG explained to MAMA that it is difficult for its artists to perform in it and made an apology for that. YG highlighted that there have been no disagreements or conflicts between them and Mnet and added, “We hope there will be no groundless speculations or misunderstanding about the reason why we’re not attending this year’s MAMA”.

In the meantime, YG artists have confirmed on their performance in some end-of-year music awards other than MAMA and they are now working hard to prepare for those performances.

Source: YG-Life

Update: 2016 MAMA Addresses Absence Of YG Artists This Year

On November 24, a press conference was held for the 2016 MAMA.

Director Kang Hui Jeong addressed questions regarding the absence of YG Entertainment artists at this year’s awards ceremony and said, “Artists give a lot of consideration regarding the date of MAMA beforehand. Meanwhile, our nominees get announced and [they] make preparations.”

She continued, “With this situation, we do not have discussions about awards due to casting. We work hard for impartial and good stages for viewers.”

Then she talked about YG and commented, “In the case of YG, we expressed our intention for them to participate and heard that they will be unable to participate due to overseas schedules. It is very unfortunate. We respect YG’s decision.”

Source: Soompi

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