[YG-LIFE] 161205 BLACKPINK, please come back with the live-broadcasting season 2 soon

They fascinated fans, while chitchatting. It was not a “sleepy” broadcasting, but a special present for fans to listen to BLACKPINK’s voices in the late night.

BLACKPINK hosted “BLACKPINK LIVE” broadcasting on search engine NAVER’s V-LIVE on December 4 in the night. It was the first time for BLACKPINK to have such a relaxing time with fans after their debut. It was also the first time for the members to host a free broadcasting without a specific form for a long time, so they said they were nervous at the beginning. However, the girls soon relaxed and made the broadcasting a lovely healing time with fans.

In the broadcasting, BLACKPINK talked about a variety of topics including each other’s first impression, the days of their training, and their dream for 10 years later. They talked frankly and calmly, expressing their gratitude for fans as well. It was enough to attract keen attention from fans.


BLACKPINK also expressed affection for fans as well. The members said it was their first broadcasting for such a long time and it was a healing time for them thanks to each other of them and also thanks to fans. They also said they wanted to meet fans as soon as possible, as they have yet to directly meet them and that they wanted to spend more time with fans in other broadcasting soon.

The broadcasting well-revealed BLACKPINK members’ pure and innocent appeals. BLACKPINK has not appeared in that many TVs shows so far, to concentrate more on their performances. However, recently, they began to appear in more TV shows, to show wider variety of appeals. The broadcasting was like a gift given for fans to better understand a girl group named BLACKPINK. We all want to see the pure, friendly, and innocent BLACKPINK again in their healing broadcasting season two.

Source: YG-Life

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