[YG-LIFE] 170112 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, “YG’s Next Unpredictable Funny girl” following Dara

Group BLACKPINK’s member JISOO boasted her unpredictable personality and appeals in “Radio Star” show.

In MBC’s “Radio Star” show aired on January 11, an episode titled “A monster can be recognized by anyone” was broadcasted. Rapper BewhY and DinDin, BLACKPINK’s member JISOO and ROSÉ, as well as singer ZIZO appeared in it.

170112 radio star jisoo rose

BLACKPINK member JISOO’s unique appeals stood out the most in the episode. JISOO said, “We don’t appear in that many TV shows, so our boss YANG HYUN SUK always advise us to do everything we can do to make people laugh.”

JISOO was turned out to have a great sense of humor and wit. Even though it was BLACKPINK’s first-ever appearance in a talk show, JISOO boasted her unique and unpredictable personality, to leave a big impression to viewers.

ROSÉ praised JISOO, saying, “She is really creative.” ROSÉ went on to say, “When our boss YANG HYUN SUK comes while we’re practicing, everyone gets nervous, but JISOO just sings behind him”, to make everyone burst into laughter.

Then, JISOO sang the song in question which went “Boss, boss, how are you”, in husky voice.

JISOO went on to say, “I usually say words in a reverse order and fans are following what I do these days. “I say ‘how are you’ like ‘you are how’ and ‘good bye’ as ‘bye good’”, making everyone burst into laughter.

In addition, JISOO’s personal talent was turned out to be stealing others’ talents. JISOO imitated ROSÉ’s personal talent perfectly. She pronounced words perfectly with keeping her mouth shut, surprising the MCs of the show.

JISOO also unveiled a behind story that she experienced when she was still a trainee. She said, “I visited an YG concert and a staff of SM Entertainment who was also there gave his name card to me and asked ‘Don’t you wanna be a singer?’ I was a secret trainee of YG at that time, so I couldn’t say I was practicing at YG. I just rejected his suggestion.”

Source: YG-Life

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