[YG-LIFE] 17224 BLACKPINK Celebrates 200th Day Since Debut on V-App, “Congratulations, Let’s Always Be Together”

Girl group BLACKPINK celebrated the 200th day anniversary of their debut. 

On February 23, BLACKPINK talked about the triple crown awards they won in the “6th Gaon Chart Music Awards” and celebrated the 200th day anniversary of their debut, on NAVER V-APP’s BLACKPINK channel. 

170224 200th day vlive

After the end of the Gaon Chart music awards on February 22, BLACKPINK said, “We’re really grateful for these awards. It’s all thanks to BLINK”. Then, BLACKPINK mentioned LISA’s cute words of gratitude that drew keen attention, asking, “Did you hear what LISA said in the awards?” In Gaon Chart music awards, LISA thanked TEDDY by saying, “The color of your (TEDDY’s) heart is black”, which was a twist of the lyrics in BLACKPINK’s song “PLAYING WITH FIRE” that go “The color of my heart is black”.

JISOO said with a smile, “Actually, we were supposed to say “Ah!” when LISA finishes saying that, but we didn’t because LISA said it so oddly”. LISA cutely blamed the other members, saying, “They were supposed to say it together, but they didn’t”, making viewers burst into laughter.

February 23 was the 200th day anniversary of BLACKPINK’s debut. LISA said, “BLINK, you’re the best” and ROSÉ expressed her affection to fans by saying, “I miss you. Congratulations for the 200th day anniversary”. JISOO sent a kiss for BLINK, saying, “Let’s always be together”. JENNIE was the last one to express her gratitude and she gave two thumbs up for fans, with her flagship chic attitude. 

BLACKPINK is YG Entertainment’s new girl group with four members: JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA. The team made debut with their first album “SQUARE ONE” on August 8 last year and “WHISTLE”, the title track of the album, created sensation by taking No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” within 13 days of the team’s debut. 

BLACKPINK made a remarkable achievement in “6th Gaon Chart Music Awards” held on the 22, by winning a triple crown with the rookie of the year award, as well as the song of August and November awards.

Source: YG-Life

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