[YG-LIFE] 170620 YGE to Produce New Survival Audition Programs + Reality Shows, BLACKPINK TV

YG Entertainment is set to produce multiple audition programs. The company is preparing for not only a survival audition show for YG trainees, but also a collaboration program with other music labels. YG’s ambition is to create a program that can create big hit not only in Korea but also overseas.

170620 yge new shows

▶ First collaboration with other music labels 

According to a high-ranking YG official on June 20, YG will produce a collaboration program with rookie groups of other music labels and the project will be led by producer Han Dong-cheol who had planned Mnet’s “Produce 101” show. It will the first-ever collaboration project with another label in the history of YG. The show will be launched in this fall.

According to the insider’s explanation, the program will select winners among many rookie groups and create a new team with them.

YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK will directly appear in the new program, as SBS “K-Pop Star” series has been finished. Plus, YG’s main producer TEDDY, as well as its artists including G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, and PSY will take part in the program as judge panel.

I.O.I born from “Produce 101” show aired last year was disbanded one year after they were formed. WANNA ONE formed with the winners of “Produce 101 Season 2” will perform only until December 31, 2018. “Produce 101” show has the disadvantage that the team born from it cannot perform continuously because of the one-year limit. YG is resolved to create an audition show with a new concept by making up for such weakness of the “Produce 101” series.


▶ Producing survival audition for boy trainees of YG and new reality shows 

YG is also planning a survival audition program for YG trainees. More than 30 boy trainees of YG will compete in the program, to be born as a new YG boy group. One of the contestants will be Bang Ye-dam. Later on, more contents including “BLACKPINK TV”, “WINNER TV”, and “iKON TV” will be produced as well.

YG moved to a spacious new office located in Sangam-dong, Seoul, last week. YANG HYUN SUK directly took part in the planning for all the interior work, to build the best producing environment in Korea. As many as 40 editing rooms were installed in the new office, as well as 15 large meeting rooms for TV program production. There are massage chairs for staff on each floor of the new office, as well as shower rooms and bedrooms for TV producers who frequently work overnight.

YG has recruited more than 20 TV producers so far. In such a perfect environment, the producers have recently been brainstorming ideas for new contents, having meetings with YG artists every week.

YG has its greatest competitive edge in music. Most of the YG artists including BIGBANG, PSY, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, Zion.T, and EPIK HIGH are capable of writing songs.

When adding the producers of BLACK LABEL headed by TEDDY and HIGHGRND run by TABLO to YG producers, the number of producers working for YG surpasses 40. People are already paying keen attention to what synergy effect will be created by the combination of the ideas of producer Hang Dong-cheol who gave birth to “Produce 101” and the other 40 producers.

Source: YG-Life

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