[INTERVIEW] 170724 Osen: Waiting Room Attack – SBS Inkigayo MCs JinJiDo

GOT7 Jinyoung, BLACKPINK Jisoo, NCT Doyoung, who are in charge of hosting SBS ‘Inkigayo’, are all well-known idols. As much as the big amount of love they receive, they’re also pressed by their busy schedules. However, the three of them presented themselves well with the fans, actively promoting and doing what they like. People naturally smile when they see the bright and healthy appearances of these 3.

Like the meaning of the word idol, they are subject of envy. Jinyoung, Jisoo and Doyoung who we met on the 23rd at the ‘Inkigayo’ set have visuals that are unchangingly dazzling. While the three of them keep joking around and laughing, we felt the joy of people who love what they are doing.


Q: You must be very busy now due to your schedule right? Do you have hard times while being an idol?

Jisoo: I don’t think I have. Even though I may feel that it’s difficult at times but there are even more things that make me happy. I feel that I’m able to handle all these because this is something that I, myself, want to do. So generally, I don’t think I have.

Q: Do other artists from your company or your group members get envious of the fact that you are the MC of Inkigayo?

Jisoo: The members actually did ask if we could get a more glamorous stage or if we could use a better waiting room. But, of course, there was nothing like that.

Q: How is it like now that BLACKPINK has debuted in Japan?

Jisoo: Because it was our first time debuting overseas and performing our first stage, I was very nervous. Afterall, it’s our first overseas stage. At first, I heard that Japanese audience doesn’t really give much big reactions but they gave us lots of cheers so it gave me a lot of strength.


Five months have passed. Last February, after Kim Minseok, Gong Seungyeon and TWICE Jungyeon, GOT7 Jinyoung, BLACKPINK Jisoo and NCT Doyoung took charge as MCs of ‘Inkigayo’. These idols representing the 3 major KPOP companies, SM, JYP & YG, showed off extraordinary ‘chemi(stry)’ while emceeing.

It was morning on the 23rd, before the live broadcast, when we met SBS Inkigayo’s Jinyoung, Jisoo and Doyoung. Before the camera rehearsal, we met these 3 enjoying their drinks, showing their cheerful appearance. As idols from the Big 3, they are very active in doing domestic and overseas activities, events and entertainment programs but they did not feel tired.


Q: What has changed from the first time you 3 emcee-ed together to now?

Jisoo: I often make mistakes but these two beside me are always ready to receive it. I used to get nervous when I do something wrong but right now, I am thankful because with them beside me (assisting me), I’m able to do well. Sometimes, if I miss out something, they say it for me and for that I am always grateful.

Doyoung: Jisoo noona can’t stop herself from laughing. From the rehearsals, she’ll start laughing on her own and would keep laughing from then on. So we prepare our hearts. Compared to when we have special MCs, I think it’s more comfortable when it’s just the 3 of us, and our hosting becomes stable.

Q: Among those who have become Inkigayo special MCs, who was the most memorable?

Jisoo: We haven’t been emcee-ing for that long yet but Kwanghee sunbaenim came as a special MC and was nice and kind to teach us a lot of what he knows about hosting, I’m thankful.

*Parts not related to Jisoo omitted. This is a combined post for the 2-part interview article by Osen.*

Source: Osen Part 1 | Part 2
Translations by @poopheyy | Jaybee at YGDreamers

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