[YG-LIFE] 170831 BLACKPINK Hit Japan Hard, Swept No.1 on Oricon and Tower Record Charts

Group BLACKPINK swept No.1 on Japan’s major music charts including the charts of Oricon and Tower Record.

As of August 30 at 9PM, BLACKPINK’s debut mini-album took No.1 on Oricon’s daily CD albums ranking on the day of its release in Japan.

According to Oricon that is a record sales ranking chart with the biggest prestige and longest tradition in Japan, 21,538 copies of BLACKPINK’s debut album in Japan have been sold so far.

170830 YGEXStaff blackpink

The album also took No.1 on the albums ranking that reflect the sales of records at all stores of Tower Record, the biggest record label in Japan.

BLACKPINK’s Japan debut album has the Japanese and Korean versions of “BOOMBAYAH”, “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “STAY”, and “As If It’s Your Last”.

BLACKPINK has become a “new record setter” within one year of debut, with four of their music videos surpassing 100 million views. They kicked off the project for their debut in Japan in July this year.

All 14,000 tickets for BLACKPINK’s showcase in Budokan, Japan, were sold out, to mark BLACKPINK’s successful debut in Japan under a big spotlight from major media outlets in the country. BLACKPINK is the first-ever foreign girl group who held debut showcase before an official debut at Budokan, a dream stage for every artist. More than 200,000 applications for attendance at the showcase were received, to prove BLACKPINK’s big popularity in the country.

BLACKPINK is drawing keen attention to what kind of record they will set in the future with their performances in Japan.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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