[YG-LIFE] 180116 Even Japan Fell in Love, Japan’s Nippon TV Covers BLACKPINK’s Popularity

BLACKPINK is currently gaining popularity among teenage girls in Japan that are leading the culture trend.

BLACKPINK was featured in Japan’s popular variety program, ‘’Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi’ aired in Nippon TV. The program stated, ‘BLACKPINK was chosen as one of the most influential people in analyzing in-words used by teenage girls based on a research from ‘2018 trend expectations’”, explaining BLACKPINK’s popularity in Japan.

The research was based on a study done by a famous marketing firm, ‘AMF’, while the MC of the program praised BLACKPINK by stating, “BLACKPINK’s style and performances are impressive”, and that “They are very popular among women fans”. The MC also added that they are a “skilled group”.

The day after the broadcast, various newspapers from Japan reported the contents from the program, with the theme that ‘BLACKPINK caught the hearts of Japanese girl fans’.

It is unusual for a girl-group to have a lot of women fans. Since they are becoming idols among girls at a young age, the situation looks very promising for BLACKPINK. It indicates that just like in Korea, the ‘girl crush’ charm of BLACKPINK is working in Japan as well.


The popularity of BLACKPINK was sensed from the last showcase held in Japan in July last year. Unprecedentedly, BLACKPINK held a large-scale showcase in Nippon Budokan as a foreign rookie artist group. 200,000 entered to participate while the location was only able to accommodate 14,000 people, and Japan’s terrestrial networks and 6 major sports newspapers paid special attention to the showcase.

At the time, Nikkan Sports stated, “BIGBANG’s sister group, BLACKPINK, will perform in Budokan for the first time as a girl-group from overseas’ on their headline, gaining a lot of attention. Also, Daily Sports stated, “BLACKPINK, who has over 600 million views of YouTube, will make debut in Japan” which also received spotlight from the readers.

Furthermore, BLACKPINK was placed at no. 1 at the Oricon Weekly CD Album Chart after the release of their Japanese debut album, ‘BLACKPINK’, positioning themselves as a rising girl-group with a bright future.

BLACKPINK, who is gaining massive popularity in Korea and overseas, is currently communicating with their fans through ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, which is their first-ever reality program while they are preparing for a new album. The first episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ surpassed 10 million views in 5 days and was placed at no. 1 in Naver V-LIVE as ‘most watched video’, proving BLACKPINK’s global popularity.

The program ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, the show where viewers get to watch the unique charms by all 4 members of BLACKPINK, gets pre-released every Saturday at 9 PM through YouTube and V-LIVE, while the full version airs every Sunday at 10 AM through JTBC2.

Source: YG-Life

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