[YG-LIFE] 180319 TAEYANG · WINNER · BLACKPINK · CL, Artists From YG Gathers For The First Time

Artists from YG Entertainment decorated the April edition cover for ‘ELLE’, a fashion media magazine.

The 2 different versions with group BIGBANG’s TAEYANG with CL and group WINNER’s YOON, MINO, and BLACKPINK were results of a collaboration with the global fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. It’s the first time 8 artists from YG are being featured in the same magazine.


ELLE stated, “Male artists including TAEYANG displayed perfect looks dressed in women’s collection clothes following the ‘genderless’ trend, while CL displayed her unrivaled presence with her confident postures and looks”. BLACKPINK displayed their elegant charms while shooting the pictorial among flowers, dressed in clothes with floral patterns.

The artists followed up with various messages on creative life in the interview that followed. TAEYANG who cut his hair short due to his upcoming enlistment stated, “I think it’s important to maintain a pure state of mind to be inspired at any given moment”, and added “The biggest inspiration is love”.

The pictorial and interview by YG artists can be accessed through the 2018 April edition of ‘ELLE’.

Source: YG-Life

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