In collaboration with other international fanbases BLACKPINK_INTL, JENNIERATIONS & LISARAMBO, we, YGDreamers, have organized a fan support project in preparation for BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback. This project aims to get a digital billboard advertisement in Gangnam, Seoul that will promote BLACKPINK’s next comeback and provide food support to BLACKPINK as well as the staff participating on their comeback stage pre-recording. Check below for more details and instructions.


Donate for the digital billboard ad via Fanmaum:

Fanmaum is unfortunately not available for iOS yet but fret not, you can still support our project for BLACKPINK by logging in on PC and going to their website at! You can sign up on Fanmaum with your e-mail account or by linking your Facebook, Naver, Twitter, or WeChat account. If you ever come across any difficulties while signing up, logging in, purchasing hearts, or sending them to our project, please contact any of the listed fanbases.

Donate for the food support via JENNIERATIONS’ PayPal:

For fans who would like to send in donations, you can create a free PayPal account with your debit/credit card. After making your donation and send a prompt to our DM in the following format:

Name / Nickname:
Amount donated:

03_4thbpcbproj_Twitter_How to Fanmaum

Donation period currently runs from April 1, 2018~May 6, 2018 but is subject to change since there’s no set date for their comeback yet. Special gifts, which will be announced soon, await the top donors.

We hope a lot of our fellow BLINKs participate and support this project. Any amount is much welcomed and appreciated. If you have any concern regarding the project, don’t hesitate to comment below or mention/DM us @YGDreamers on Twitter or any of the fanbases involved (@BLACKPINK_INTL, @JENNIERATIONS & @LISARAMBO). Thank you!



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