[YG-LIFE] 180417 BLACKPINK Shoots Commercial in Japan for the First Time + Nationwide Tour on July, ‘Bigtime Idols’

Girl-group BLACKPINK’s popularity in Japan is rising.

Members of BLACKPINK were chosen as commercial models in Japan for the first time, receiving attention from the local press.

On April 17, Japan’s Nikkan Sports and Sankei Sports reported, “Korea’s 4-member girl-group, BLACKPINK, will appear on a commercial for a footwear brand multi-shop. It will be their first commercial appearance in Japan”. The commercial will start airing on April 19.

As the group gathered attention from fans not only in Korea but also Japan, the members are communicating with Japanese fans through various methods, including a nationwide tour. It is expected that the group’s popularity will rise even further as they debuted as commercial models.

BLACKPINK first gathered attention in Japan as groups BIGBANG and iKON’s little-sister group.

Furthermore, BLACKPINK will hold an arena tour in Japan for the first time since debut and will gather approximately 66,000 audiences, starting from their concert in Osaka on July 24. The tour was confirmed to be held in less than a year since BLACKPINK’s debut, while the tour is expected to raise BLACKPINK’s status as K-Pop’s representative girl-group in Japan.

BLACKPINK is currently preparing to make comeback in Korea next month.

Source: YG-Life

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