[NEWS] 180615 BLACKPINK Interview at SQUARE UP Comeback Press Conference

To celebrate ahead of the release of their first mini album SQUARE UP, BLACKPINK held a press conference at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity M-CUBE, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, Seoul.

Check out the interview below. All credits to our lovely KRN-ENG BLINK translators.


BLACKPINK: We have came back with a mini album after one year. During this time, we have fans who had been waiting for us and we have been practicing hard in preparation for this.

Jisoo: We love each and every side track and we hope that everyone will love them too.

Jennie: We have worked on several songs for the past year and at the start of the year we filmed our first reality show ‘BLACKPINK House’.

Jennie: We paid much attention to our final image to show everyone and we will work hard for our activities so that we would not feel like there are any gaps.

Rosé: Our CEO paid a lot of attention to our choreography this time. During practice, he checked on our performance a lot, and also taught (?) us the point of the choreo. He also emphasized to us to be ‘stronger and more cool’.

Q: Favourite song in the album?
Jisoo: ‘See U Later’.
Rosé: ‘Really’.
Lisa: ‘Forever Young’.
Jennie: ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and ‘Forever Young’.

Jisoo chose ‘See U Later’ because the lyrics are witty and fun. The melody and lyrics match well too. She also thinks that when the public hears it, they’ll easily get addicted to it. Rosé likes ‘Really’ because its sound fits the summer. She thinks its a good song to listen to this summer. Lisa, on the other hand likes ‘Forever Young’ the most because its lyrics are fun too. There are a lot of catch phrases and is a good song to sing along.

Jennie: I like DDU-DU DDU-DU and Forever Young because the choreography is a very different image from ‘As If It’s Your Last’ and I personally like this kind of powerful image.


Jisoo: Up till now, our image has been mainly feminine-focused. This time there will be more hip hop feel. There are strong raps in the 1st and 2nd verses of the song and we hope to let others feel something new from us through this.

Jisoo: It’s been a long time since we made a comeback in Korea and we know that our fans have been waiting for a long time. We’ll be able to have our first fansign event this time round. I look forward to being able to communicate with our fans up close during the fansign.

Jisoo: We are also preparing event(s) for our to meet our fans, who have been waiting for a long time, up close

Jennie: I feel like 6-7 months of gap is a really long time and I feel really sorry to fans for having to wait for 1 year.

BLACKPINK talked honestly about their 1 year hiatus.
JENNIE: “I thought 6-7 months was long, but while having a one year hiatus, we could still film for ‘BeulPing House.'”

BLACKPINK: …we did a lot of recording for the album. We wanted to show our perfect self. CEO Yang and us all took care in every detail. We’re sorry for the fans, but we’re confident that we can give back for the long hiatus.


Jisoo: During our hiatus, we did lots of uni festivals and performances in Japan, and we could catch on how we can do better while on stage. To prepare for the next album, we personally put more time in practicing.

Jisoo: By thinking on how we can appeal ourselves when we’re on the stage, we continued to keep practicing. Also during the hiatus, each of us had time to do some self care, and how to perfect ourselves. We spent lots of time doing and thinking about that.

‘FOREVER YOUNG’ is a moombahton rhythm dance song. It has a message to: ‘let’s burn our youth with no regrets’. It’s a very intense and a powerful song.

Jisoo: It’s been 1 year. When it had been 6 months after debut we had lots of pressure and stress to do well, but after preparing for 1 year, we split from that and thought we had to always have fun trying out new genres – we should enjoy ourselves while telling the story.


Jisoo: To be honest, if our chart ranking is high, we are grateful, but even though we did something new, we would be just happy hearing that, ‘BLACKPINK absorbed this in their own colour’, after watching our performance – that would be so much fun to hear.

Jennie: Yang CEO also took a lot of attention on the choreography for this song too. After practicing for our dance choreo, he would personally come down and give us advice on to intensify this part, scanned us, and just gave us a lot of advice.

Jisoo: We know our fans have been very curious about this album for ages. We are very excited that we can see our fans up close. We believe they will look for us and will love us.

BLACKPINK: There’s a more powerful performance this time. Also a more powerful rap part comes on, and we thought we could show a more cooler choreo during it, so it was fun to practice while practicing. I wonder if they’ll get a good impression after seeing our performances.


JENNIE: We were worried that our stamina will go down while performing these two intense performances live.

Jennie has said that there are plans for radio shows!

Q: Why did you choose the title ‘DDU DU DDU DU’?
JN: It’s like pistol and a breathing sound. When we shout it, it’s like a command. Matching the theme ‘SQUARE UP’, it’s a powerful command.

Rosé: YHS focused a lot on choreo for BLACKPINK. He checked their choreo and told them what their point dance is. He said “Don’t dance too femininely. Dance more powerfully and cooly”.

Jisoo: Powerful performance in the dance break + a more powerful rap than b4 w/ cool choreo.


Rosé: During the hiatus, BLACKPINK focused a lot on staying physically fit because a lot of our choreography is physically tiring. So we got prepared by doing aerobic exercises and pilates (yoga).

Jennie: It’s hard to believe we always surpass 100M views for each MV.

Jennie: There are lots of hip hop factors in fashion. Rather than the concepts we showed you before, you’ll get to see more powerful and tough sides of BLACKPINK. If you have seen girly side of us in the last comeback, you’ll see BLACKPINK trying out different things this time.

Rosé: As it will show in the behind-the-scenes clip, I thought riding (?) on the chandelier was the most fun part. I like being in high places. When I heard I’ll be on a chandelier, I was excited. But when I got there, it wasn’t really high so I asked them to raise it higher.


Lisa: There will be a parrot in the MV. It was really cute and kind. I was thankful that it stayed still.

Jisoo: During this period, the attention will be dispersed (*people’s focus will be on the Olympics). But I believe the people who have been waiting for BLACKPINK will search for us and love us. So there’s no pressure about the timing.

BLACKPINK: Teddy knows when we look the prettiest. We’re still afraid to work w/ other producers

Jisoo: We only worked w/ Teddy from 2-3 yrs ago. I don’t think we’re at the stage of working w/ other producers. When it comes to producing, I like Teddy oppa the best.

Jennie: Teddy knows what we can do the best. So we’re really grateful just by the fact he’s giving songs to us.

Rosé: Teddy knows both our strengths and weaknesses.

Lisa: I agree with the unnies. God Teddy! – Thumbs Up-

Translations by
@poopheyy | @blackpinkau | @RoseanneParkLuv | YGDreamers


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