[NEWS] 180722 Industry Insiders Rank Most Influential People In Korean Music Industry, BLACKPINK 3rd Best Female Idol

Who are the most influential people in Korea’s music industry?

In honor of their 33rd anniversary, news outlet Sports Seoul surveyed people 35 individuals from different agencies to figure out who are power people in various fields.

The industry insiders were asked to rank the top three in each category. Getting voted as No. 1 yields 3 points, No. 2 yields 2 points, and No. 3 yields 1 point. Since 35 industry insiders participated in the survey, the highest amount of points possible for one team is 105 points.

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Best Female Idol

1. TWICE (95 points – No. 1 last year)
2. Red Velvet (50 points – No. 5 last year)
3. BLACKPINK – (31 points – No. 3 last year)
4. MAMAMOO (11 points)
5. GFRIEND (7 points – No. 2 last year)

TWICE also continues to hold the No. 1 ranking for the second year in a row. Within two years and six months since their debut, the group has eight title track hits. Red Velvet moved up three spots from their ranking last year reflecting their growth and increased popularity. BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, and GFRIEND round out the top 5 respectively.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk & Teddy ranked No. 4 & No.5, respectively, on the “Best K-Pop Producer”.

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Source: Soompi