[YG-LIFE] 180623 BLACKPINK Reveals Innocent Charms in ‘Idol Room’, Following the Stream of Consciousness

BLACKPINK revealed their innocent charms.

On JTBC ‘Idol Room’ aired on June 23 at 4:40 PM, BLACKPINK revealed their pure and innocent charms.

BLACKPINK grabbed the viewers’ attention by bringing cheering sticks. They completed promoting their new song while explaining the behind story of making custom cheer sticks. The members posed in front of the spinning wheel to choose the heroine for the close-up camera. JISOO was selected as the Pick-dol.

180623 idol room

While challenging the Nano dance, BLACKPINK did not understand the rules completely, so they re-challenged with tension. BLACKPINK succeeded in the Nano dance while emitting charisma. When challenging the 357 dance, BLACKPINK failed since they were flustered by Thai and Chinese attacks.

Then it was time for the fact check corner. ROSÉ’s comfortable voice was mentioned as the 1st fact check. Jung Hyeong-don was fascinated by ROSÉ’s voice and raised his voice while stating “You should really be a DJ. Your voice is perfect for a DJ”.

To fact check JISOO on her wish to release an album of children’s songs, 5-year-old children visited ‘Idol Room’. Members of BLACKPINK performed children’s songs, and checked their reactions. In the end, all members of BLACKPINK received 1 point each, resulting in a draw.

JENNIE shared her thoughts on making appearance on ‘Idol Room’ by stating “It was an opportunity to find my new strengths”. JISOO who was selected as the pick-dol displayed her expectations by stating, “What did I do today? They were even filming me when I was taking a rest. I’m nervous how it will show on screen, can’t wait to see”.

Source: YG-Life

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