[YG-LIFE] 180623 ‘Idol Room’, BLACKPINK’s Critical and Lively ‘Dog-Like Beauty’

BLACKPINK displayed critical yet vibrant charms in ‘Idol Room’.

On JTBC ‘Idol Room’ aired on the 23rd, BLACKPINK appeared as guests.

The 2 MCs including Jung Hyeong-don (Donnie) and Defconn (Connie) began the show with the ‘Signal Song’ of ‘Idol Room’ composed by Hui of Pentagon.

180623 idol room 1

When BLACKPINK appeared with custom toy hammers, Connie asked “What took you so long”. JISOO explained “It took us a while to bring out cool music”. When asked about the toy hammers, JENNIE made a mistake by mentioning MBC Every1 ‘Weekly Idol’, the previous program, and made the people burst into laughter by repeating “I’m sorry”.

Donnie and Connie requested BLACKPINK to bring something for the ‘Signal Song’ they’ve been recruiting since May. LISA presented them a ‘signature’ pose. LISA’s pose was unique, but it was already performed before.

JISOO was selected as the PICK-dol of the day, by winning the close-up camera corner. JISOO reacted on her stream of consciousness on Donnie’s question asking about her determination, making the viewers laugh.

JENNIE seemed to be a bit confused during the following Nano dance corner, but successfully completed the corner by re-challenging.

180623 idol room 2

BLACKPINK challenge ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ on the ‘357 dance’, where they dance to the numbers yelled by the MCs. JISOO made people laugh by not understanding the rules. Donnie played cute jokes when JISOO kept on lagging. The MCs yelled 0 in Thai, and the members failed since LISA did not understand. BLACKPINK challenged once again with the song ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, but could not complete the mission due to Chinese attacks by Donnie.

Donnie and Connie pretended to be sorry by stating “I’m sorry you failed the mission. We wanted to do everything for you, including the food truck”. JISOO responded, “We’ll accept your kindness although we failed”, making the people burst into laughter.

During the ‘fact-check’ corner, ROSÉ’s golden voice and JISOO’s children song singing skills were proven. LISA was also checked as the ‘dance supercomputer’. Members of BLACKPINK also challenged an arcade rhythm game called ‘Pump’.

Meanwhile, ‘Idol Room’ airs every Saturday at 4:40 PM.

Source: YG-Life

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