[NEWS] 180629 Interview Pt 2: BLACKPINK Shares How They Personally Feel About Potentially Entering U.S. Market

BLACKPINK is currently enjoying the success of their comeback with their latest track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” at home and overseas. After the girl group’s latest title track off of their first mini album “Square Up” charted at No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100, many are wondering what’s next. BLACKPINK shared their thoughts on these recent developments and more in an interview with OSEN.


On their goals, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo said, “We don’t intentionally choose a specific goal. If we set a goal and we achieve it, I think we may think, ‘What do we now?’ I think it’s good to work hard at every second rather than being confused.”

Jennie added, “Just the fact that we released a mini album makes me happy every day. I do imagine a bigger future, but I’m working hard not to miss what’s in front of me. We’re starting our tour in Japan soon, and it’s one of the things that I dreamed about. One of the things on my bucket list is coming true.”

Jennie also commented on the excitement about year-end award shows by saying, “If we get to go to the award shows, it would definitely be a really grateful thing and an honor. At last year’s awards, I was sad that we could only sing one song. Since we released many songs with our mini album this time, I think we’ll be able to show you a variety of things if we were to perform at this year’s awards ceremony. So, we’re looking forward to it.”

With the group’s recent success and interest from overseas, many are wondering about the possibility of BLACKPINK’s entry into the U.S. market. Jisoo answered, “We didn’t come out planning to enter the U.S. market. Whether or not we go to the United States, we’re going to work hard to promote like we’re doing now.”

She continued, “I think that entering the U.S. market will happen naturally like how water flows. Of course, we’d be happy if we went to the United States, but we’re trying not to dwell on that too much. We’re happy when we receive many good opportunities, but right now, focusing on our promotions in Korea comes first.”

Jennie said, “We can’t miss the present. Instead of being excited about future events, I want to try my best for promotions for this album. My goal is to achieve the things in front of me one by one.”

180706 blackpink

BLACKPINK also talked about some of the reasons for their popularity. Rosé answered, “I wonder if it’s because we try new things. If you just look at our music, we try to attempt things that may be difficult for other girl groups. I also think people like seeing us perform with powerful choreography and vocals.”

“Instead of just doing what we’re good at, we want to challenge ourselves,” said Jennie. “Since we attempt music that’s challenging for us as well, I think fans welcome it thinking, ‘They’re doing these kinds of things too.’ We also pay attention to the details in our MVs. I think people search for and watch them because they’re fun to watch.”

On the difficulty of trying new things, Jennie explained, “It fits our tendencies so well. I like that all four of us pursue the same things. We like to try new things and enjoy it. We come up with a variety of fun ideas.”

Jisoo elaborated on some of BLACKPINK’s changes in their appearance for this comeback. She said, “For the outfits, we tried to give off feminine and hip hop style vibes. We also used lots of colors.”

“We wanted to show a lot of our ‘girl crush’ sides,” added Jennie. “I think we showed our gentle charms during our last promotions. This time, we tried to positively try many new things, so I feel happy about that.”

When asked if their agency, YG Entertainment, reflected the opinions of the members, Jisoo said, “They listened to our opinions since our debut. They allowed us to do the music and concept that we wanted to do. I think these kinds of things became our foundation. I think just coming up with ideas gave us a lot of help.”

She concluded, “The most memorable words I remember [from a fan] are when someone asked us to continue to create music that can be enjoyed for a long time. Those words are basically our goal. We want to put out good music that is good for anyone to listen to and people won’t get sick of at any time. I feel so proud when I read praise from our fans and it sets my mind straight again.”

Source: Soompi

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