[SHOW] 180714 Jisoo on MBC Unexpected Q (RAW CUTS + TORRENT + ENGSUB + PHOTOS)

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Source: MBC Unexpected Q Official Site (1) | (2) | (3)

MBC has revealed on July 4th that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will guest on the 11th episode of Unexpected Q along with other celebrities–singer Don Spike, and comedian Heo Kyunghwan.


MBC Unexpected Q is a Saturday night music quiz show hosted by Lee Soogeun & Jun Hyunmoo with regular cast including SECHSKIES Eun Jiwon, SEVENTEEN Boo Seungkwan & entertainer Yoo Seyoon. Its current segments consist of ‘Body Singer’ (act out lyrics of songs), ‘Emoticon Quiz’ (guess songs thru emoticons) & ‘Sing As Much As You Know’ (relay singing of medley/mashup of songs). Questions are made by viewers through the official website of the show & Kakaotalk open chat room.

180707 PREVIEW

teaser for next episode starts at 0:36

On July 8th in the afternoon, Jisoo filmed for MBC Unexpected Q. The segment shown below is where the celebrity players ask help from viewers on the show’s KKT open chat room to guess an emoticon quiz. Can you guess the what song that is depicted on the emoticon quiz?


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