[NEWS] 180914 Ambitious SEUNGRI’s ‘YG Electronics’ Premieres on October 5, Features BLACKPINK And More

‘YG Electronics’ will premiere on October 5 through Netflix.

On September 14, YG Entertainment revealed the teaser poster and preview video featuring advisor SEUNGRI, workers at YG Electronics, and celebrities expected to appear on the program. ‘YG Electronics’ is a Netflix Original Series produced by YG Entertainment and producer Park Junsu, who is known for his previous works including Mnet ‘God of Music’ and ‘UV Syndrome’.

180914 yg future strategy office teaser 1

‘YG Electronics’ is a real sitcom which details SEUNGRI’s attempt to save YG Entertainment from crisis and return to the president, as he gets demoted to YG’s infamous Strategic Data Department. The posters for ‘YG Electronics’ by SEUNGRI, YOO BYUNG JAE, Lee Jaejin, Son Saebin, Baek Youngkwang, and Kim Gaeun shows that the program is a real sitcom that takes place in an office environment. The phrase, “I will protect YG!” along with SEUNGRI’s confident smile adds curiosities on his role as an advisor of YG Electronics. The workers lined up behind him make the viewers laugh in their seriousness, notifying B-rated charms and laughter that will be featured through the program.

The‘A-level’ celebrities featured in the teaser video including BLACKPINK JENNIE, LISA, JISOO, A-Pink Son Na Eun, Chung Ha, and Sunmi are raising expectations on ‘YG Electronics’. However, their testimonies that state, “The senior that makes you uncomfortable” and “I heard you should be cautious of SEUNGRI. From female seniors.” show that SEUNGRI’s dreams and reality will differ while he tries to save YG Entertainment. SEUNGRI’s impression of president YANG HYUN SUK at the end of the preview makes the viewers even more curious on the real sitcom story which will be presented by ‘YG Electronics’.

The real sitcom ‘YG Electronics’ provided to you by YG’s ambitious SEUNGRI, also known as the Great Seungtsby, will premiere on October 5, exclusively on Netflix.

Check more info about the show HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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