[YG-LIFE] 181025 “US Debut→JENNIE’s Solo Debut”, BLACKPINK Makes People Look Forward to Them No Matter What

Whether they’re active or not, news regarding BLACKPINK (JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, LISA) are always hot. They are ‘global stars’ that excites us with overseas reactions, their solo comebacks, and many more to come.


BLACKPINK has been establishing their dominant presence by writing the ‘first, best, and fastest’ records after releasing their single album ‘SQUARE ONE’ back in 2016. After their MV for ‘BOOMBAYAH’ recently surpassed 400 million views and the group announced their US debut, the group is gathering attention once again by announcing JENNIE’s solo debut date today (25th).

In fact, BLACKPINK gathered people’s attention even before the creation of the group. It was because the group was created with years of caution and care by YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK, who is known to have the ‘Midas touch in K-Pop’. The members, team name, and first single of the upcoming girl group were hot topics among K-Pop fans and related officials.

181023 interscope blackpink signs with interscope universal umg

As they meet up to these expectations, BLACKPINK finally proved to be the ‘best group in K-Pop’ in their second year by partnering up with Interscope Records, the representative label of Universal Music Group. BLACKPINK’s upcoming US debut is more meaningful since their expansion was due to the global fans of BLACKPINK that already existed due to their previous releases. Even Billboard shared the news of BLACKPINK as an exclusive report.

BLACKPINK owns ‘three’ MVs with over 400 million views for the first time as a K-Pop group, including their MV for ‘BOOMBAYAH’ which surpassed 400 million views on October 23 at 9 PM, their MV for ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ that surpassed 400 million views last month on the 21st, and the MV for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ which surpassed 400 million views on June 15.

181019 Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK - Kiss and Make Up (Official Audio)

The group also topped iTunes Album Charts in 21 different countries with the song ‘KISS AND MAKE UP’, collaborated with world-famous Pop star Dua Lipa. As the group even announced to release solo tracks by all 4 individual members starting with JENNIE, people are already looking forward to BLACKPINK’s future and prospects.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will hold a concert for two days from 11/10 to 11/11 in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Source: YG-Life

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