[SHOW] 181216 Jennie’s Goodbye Stage For ‘SOLO’ + Wins 1st Place on SBS Inkigayo

Jennie performed ‘SOLO’ for the last time on the December 16th episode of SBS Inkigayo! What a better way to conclude ‘SOLO’ promotions than our Jendeukie taking home the 1st place trophy, right?! It’s her 3rd award on Inkigayo for ‘SOLO’! Yes, a TRIPLE CROWN!

Triple Crown is an achievement when an artist wins 1st place 3 times for the same song on the same music show. Jennie won her trophies in SBS Inkigayo on the following dates: 11.25 / 12.02 / 12.16

Congrats to Jennie! You worked hard and did well as the first member to debut as a solo! BLINKs~ great job as well for streaming and supporting Jennie!

Check out the breakdown of points, official live performance clip and encore below!

[OFFICIAL] ‘SOLO’ Live Performance + WIN

You can also watch the performance on Naver TV

[CHART] Points Breakdown

Album (5%): 4
SNS Points (MV YouTube Views – 35%): 1,945
Pre-voting (5%): 35
ON-AIR (Radio & TV Broadcast Points – 10%): 542
Digital (55%): 4,587
Total: 7,113


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