[MAGAZINE] Rosé and Jisoo on Elle Korea July 2020 Issue

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is on the cover of Elle Korea July 2020 issue as Saint Laurent Global Ambassador. Jisoo was also featured as Dior Beauty Ambassador. Check out the and videos photos below!

Elle: BLACKPINK’s first fashion magazine cover was August 2017’s edition of Elle. After 3 years, we get to meet Rosé alone. 

Rosé: I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! It’s been longer than I thought. At the time, I remember feeling satisfied because the pictorial came out well. Today’s shoot made me feel more nervous and excited. This time I wanted to show a product that makes (people) think ‘(she) looks cool’

Elle: Seems like you like the word ‘cool’. Even when you look at past interviews or videos, you used that kind of expression frequently. 

Rosé: More than ‘You’re doing well’, I think You look cool’ is a better compliment. So I guess that’s why I use it a lot.

Elle: 3 years ago, you did the cover with Saint Laurent too. What does it feel like to maintain a good relationship with such an iconic brand? 

Rosé: I still can’t believe I’m representing a brand that I’ve always thought of as cool from a long time ago, as a global ambassador. It’s an honour, of course. I’ve also gotten closer with the Creative Director, Anthony Vaccarello, and I‘m learning a lot from looking at his creativity, professionalism and humane appearance. To be able to work together with such an amazing person like this is really a marvelous thing. 

Elle: When BLACKPINK first debuted, if I had to choose between ‘black’ and ‘pink’, I thought that Rosé’s lovely charms were closer to the ‘pink’ side. But the Rosé who wears Saint Laurent also seems to match well with ‘black’

Rosé: I’m a performer. The moment I go up on stage, I think that it’s my job to show a different energy than usual. That’s also a reason why I like Saint Laurent, which brings out my strong ‘black’ kind of image. Like today’s shoot, it’s fascinating and fun for me too when I see myself getting closer to the ‘black’ (kind of image). As a singer and a performer, I’d like to cross the boundary of various colours. 

Elle: Summer is a season that Rosé likes, right? Recently, Lady Gaga’s ‘Sour Candy’ that BLACKPINK featured in set a new chart record as a K-pop girl group, what other plans do you have?

Rosé: I don’t think we can ignore the energy that only ‘summer’ has. Especially because we started this summer with BLACKPINK’s comeback, I’m even more excited. As much as it is a time whereby the atmosphere all over the world is dark as a result of multiple issues, I hope that our stage will bring strength to people. 

Elle: Recently you had a band performance on Instagram Live that was more than 30 minutes long.

Rosé: As I thought long and hard about what kind of appearance I should show to the fans, I thought that showing them myself enjoying music freely in an environment that feels natural to me would be good. I chose songs that I usually sing, and songs that fans would be able to enjoy when I cover them. I want to show various sides of myself in the future too when I get the chance. 

Elle: Usually you perform cover songs consistently too, is that also like a present for the fans? 

Rosé: If they think of it as a present, I’d be really thankful, of course! Originally, I just sang songs that I enjoy, but if there are people who like that, it feels like I’m receiving a present instead. 

Elle: Even before you came to Korea, you played the guitar and sang songs in Melbourne. What’s your first memory of being praised by people for music?

Rosé: The first time I sang in front of people and received praise for it was actually around the time of my debut. I remember hearing (from others) that my voice is unique after debut too. Before that, I had concerns everyday like ‘Don’t I have to sing like a real singer so that I’ll be able to debut?’ and ‘What am I lacking?’. After my debut, receiving compliments that included my voice made me very surprised.

Elle: I also wanted to say, “You have a really charming voice” (laughs). Are there other compliments you’ve heard about your voice that made you feel good? 

Rosé: When people say that I’ve digested a cover song well, in my own style. That’s when I feel best. 

Elle: Now, you boast your outstanding presence on stage, but there must have been difficulties as well when you first started to learn dance.

Rosé: That’s right. When I was 16, I started my trainee life and that’s when I also started learning dance. When I joined, the others already learned a lot about dance so it was tough for me to catch up and follow along. I practiced really hard with the resolve that, ‘One day, I’m going to hear the compliment from my teacher that I dance well!’. I still remember the first time I was complimented in front of the other trainees. 

Elle: Before going up on stage, are there any memorized spells or habits that Rosé has?

Rosé: I always repeat ‘Let’s perform!’ to myself. To show a perfect appearance of myself, there are a lot of things to remember and think of beforehand, but at the end of the day, it’s a performance. What we want to show on stage is music, so I think what’s most important is for our music to be conveyed well to people. Ah, and it’s also really important to recharge my energy. I always make sure to eat a good meal before I go on stage (laughs). 

Elle: Among BLACKPINK’s songs, which is most exciting to be sung on stage? 

Rosé: For me, it’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. I think that song gives me some sort of adrenaline! 

Elle: On the other hand, if you had to perform in the kind of bar that comes out in movie <Lalaland> or a small theater, what kind of song do you think you’ll choose? 

Rosé: Oh, there are really a lot of songs that I think would match well. Still, if I have to list down just one song, then I think Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t she lovely’ would be the best match. 

Elle: Last year, BLACKPINK completed a world tour around 23 cities. Still, your performance in your hometown of Australia, must have felt fresh. 

Rosé: Mm, I think all of the cities were special. Of course, when I visited Australia I thought ‘I’m back to my hometown!’, it brought back many memories and it was great, but especially these days, all performances are special (to me). Now that we’re talking about performance, I really want to meet the fans soon. 

Elle: Your special affection for the fans can be felt. Has there been a time recently when you felt the fans’ love and support? 

Rosé: Without even a day of rest, they express (their love and support) through any kind of way, so I’m always able to feel it. When I receive the fans’ support, I realize deeply that I’m a person who is living while receiving a lot of love. I’m really thankful. 

Elle: I saw a picture of you deciding between a kangaroo and koala doll, between the two, which animal do you like more?

Rosé: I don’t think I can choose! I like all animals. These days, I gain a lot of comfort from watching animal videos uploaded on SNS. Recently I started to like flowers so I’ve also gained more interest in pretty and unique flower vases. 

Elle: For four people who each had to go through their own different growth processes to come together as a team, and on top of that to promote together at a worldwide scale like BLACKPINK, isn’t an easy thing to do. As a teammate, what would you say is your greatest strength? 

Rosé: That I try do my very best in all aspects. I feel strongly about not wanting to cause any negative effects or damage to the other members. 

Elle: I remember you answered that ‘Any obstacle is breakable’ in a past interview. It made me think that it’s something someone who has managed to successfully overcome an experience and has confidence can say. 

Rosé: I was also placed in many crisis situations that I thought I’d never be able to overcome, but now looking back, I overcame them well and am standing here just fine. In the future, even if I were to face huddles that I think I can’t get past no matter how hard I try, I think I’ll also overcome those well and be able to grow through it. As always, I still want to grow. 

Elle: I was told that you’re a member with many tears. Is it true that you’ve also cried while eating something delicious?

Rosé: Yes, that’s right (laughs)! Delicious food also makes me feel touched. Not long ago I ate pork trotters and I felt the tears welling up. 

Elle: You were born in 1997. What does being 24 mean to Rosé? 

Rosé: I’m still young and lack a lot. This year, for the first time I really felt like I’ve become more mature. These days my thoughts have changed a lot, and I also feel that the perspective with which I look at the world is slowly changing. In the past, I thought that I already knew everything but I realized ‘what I know isn’t everything’.

Elle: ‘Responsibility’ and ‘freedom’. Among the two, which word are you more drawn to? 

Rosé: Because I want to become a person who is boundlessly free on stage, the word ‘freedom’ attracts me more. For artists that perform, freedom is always like homework to us, but I think it’s definitely something that I have to pursue. 

Elle: If there’s something you could say to the boy and girl BLINKs who regard you as their role model? 

Rosé: I hope they’ll become boys and girls that keep dreaming. It’s a big privilege to be able to dream, you see. 

Elle: Writer Marcel Proust said he enjoyed question and answer games with his friends when he was a young boy. Among (the questions), I picked two. Who do you respect most among those who are still around, and what do you regard as the perfect happiness? 

Rosé: My family. If I could live prioritizing the things I cherish the most and allocating my efforts fairly, I think that’s happiness. 

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