[NEWS] Expectations Are Up on BLACKPINK’s New Reality Show, ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’

BLACKPINK launched a new exclusive reality show. ‘23/365 with BLACKPINK’, which noticed an interactive communication with the active participation of fans from the program title, finally unveiled under the high anticipation of Blinks(fandom name) all over the world.

On June 13 at 10 AM, YG Entertainment revealed the ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’ prologue through their official blog ( and BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel.

The members of BLACKPINK gathered in one place and informed the reality program production to commemorate their comeback. They explained that the show will present their daily lives and what they’ve always wanted to do. They also added that they’ve put in their desires to communicate with the fans at a closer range by stating, “We’ve prepared this to share our every moment with Blink”.

The members greeted the fans while revealing their own charms. JISOO saluted to the fans, making an amazing start. ROSÉ made a flower cup pose with her hands, revealing lovely aspects. JENNIE looked shy when the members requested aegyo, but made the people smile by making a cute motion. LISA, who acted as the ‘tiger mentor’ in ‘Qing Chun You Ni 2’, the Chinese audition program, presented laughter by saying, “Hello Blinks” with a charismatic look.

There were also spoilers regarding their comeback. The members gave out hints on the pre-release title song to be revealed on the 26th, which raised the people’s curiosities. ROSÉ revealed that “It’s like a cat”, while JENNIE made a gesture of hitting her chest while adding, “It felt more like King Kong to me”. JISOO hinted, “We presented strong and powerful music until now, but it’s more of Hip-hop with swag this time”.

The actual meeting finally began. BLACKPINK discussed what kind of aspects they would like to show the fans through their new reality contents. ROSÉ gave out an idea by stating, “I would like to present our natural selves in the studio”, while JENNIE stated, “I want to do a real daily vlog. I want to show BLACKPINK’s actual daily lives”.

In addition, a video clip containing BLACKPINK’s new aspects and charms, previously unavailable through TV broadcasts, have been revealed to raise the fans’ anticipation. From BLACKPINK’s natural daily lives to the sincere conversations between members with deep friendship, the real BLACKPINK off stage were caught on camera. Also, BLACKPINK as ‘artists’ working on choreography, playing guitar, and recording in the studio were also revealed, noticing a variety of spectacles that will be presented through the show.

In the ‘Decide the program title’ corner, the fans made active participation. Among various candidates offered by the members of BLACKPINK, team JENNIE·LISA’s title quoted from the lyrics of ‘WHISTLE’ received the most votes and was determined as the program title. Blink and BLACKPINK notified the beginning of ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’, while a part of the first episode was revealed at the end, which also raised anticipation on the show.

’24/365 with BLACKPINK’ is BLACKPINK’s exclusive reality content being presented by YG. The members let down their mysticism back in 2018 with their first-ever reality show, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, and received love by revealing their honest daily lives. The program was popular not only in Asia but also in South America and Europe, proving the group’s global popularity. The episodes have accumulated view counts even after the end of the series, resulting in over 400 million accumulated views, which is unprecedented for an idol reality series.

BLACKPINK will make comeback on the 26th with their pre-release title song. They will then release two new songs during July~August in special formats, followed up by their official album release in September. Furthermore, following their first official album release, solo songs by ROSÉ·LISA·JISOO will be revealed in sequential order.

Source: YG-Life

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