[NEWS] Comeback D-5, BLACKPINK Reveals Group Teaser of ‘How You Like That’, Raises Dreamlike Mood

The group teaser clip for BLACKPINK’s upcoming single, ‘How You Like That’, was revealed through YG’s official blog on the 21st at 9 AM.

Members JISOO·ROSÉ·LISA·JENNIE were shot in one take. The four members were zoomed in and zoomed out in their expressionless face as if there were no space and time, grabbing the viewers’ attention.

JISOO’s chic and seductive aspects were emphasized first. JISOO presented her elegant mood in her black hair and her lofty yet sentimental looks, making the viewers pay keen attention to the video.

ROSÉ grabbed the people’s attention with her shocking change in style. Her red lip contrasting with her odd ash blue tone hair and glittering eye makeup presented her mystic charms.

LISA, who appeared after, presented a unique ‘green shadow’ makeup under her deep eyeline. Her seductive looks matching her red bang hair revealed her unrivaled girl-crush aura.

In the end, JENNIE’s ‘black+blond’ two-tone hair impressed the viewers. Her clear makeup base and red makeup emphasizing the bottom of her eyes maximized JENNIE’s dreamlike mood.

The video filled with BLACKPINK’s charisma in silence ended with the highlight sound, ‘How You Like That’, which is also the title of their upcoming song.

The continuously released teasers are raising the global fans’ anticipation on BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback.

The ‘How You Like That’ individual teaser clips per member have surpassed 10 million YouTube views in a day. Furthermore, the names of each BLACKPINK member have been ranked from no. 1 to no. 4 on the Global YouTube Real-time Trending rankings. They are exceptional records set just by teaser clips, even before making actual comeback.

On June 26 at 6PM, KST, BLACKPINK will make comeback with their new song, ‘How You Like That’. They will release their second new song in special format in July~August, followed up by the release of their first official album in September.

On the 26th(local time), after the release of the song, BLACKPINK will have their comeback performance of ‘How You Like That’ on NBC’s ‘(The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

Source: YG-Life

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