[NEWS] “Language and Cultural Differences Cannot be Barriers in Enjoying Music”

“Language and cultural differences cannot be barriers in enjoying music. (As we release our new single) Rather than setting new records, we hope the fans enjoy and feel the charms of the new song”.

Girl group ‘BLACKPINK’ released their new single ‘How You Like That’ on the 26th. It it’s a pre-release single from their first official album upcoming in September. As it is a song that makes the listeners estimate the feelings of their upcoming album, not only related officials of the industry, but also the fans were highly anticipating their comeback. Approximately 600 thousand people watched the ‘BLACKPINK Global Press Conference: [How You Like That]’ broadcasted live on YouTube at 2 PM.

BLACKPINK did not sing the song or present their choreography in the conference. They did not even reveal their MV. As the name of the event suggested, they explained the song, album release plans, and what they’ve been up to for the press. The chatting box placed on the right side of the screen was full of different languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Filipino, and Arab. The global fans have shown support on BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK revealed their gratitude on the fans’ support and stated that they would like to ‘Give strength’ to their fans. The song ‘How You Like That’ contains such attitude.

“We wanted to give a positive and hopeful message through our new song. We wanted to sing a song that can give you strength and confidence, despite the dark and difficult situation”(JISOO).

‘How You Like That’ is a Hip-hop track. Its characterized with a powerful Hip-hop beat and grand orchestra sounds. YG Entertainment explains that the song has the message of ‘Let’s move forward and up despite any bad situations’.

“We added powerful and Hip-hop related elements without losing BLACKPINK’s own color. The intro of the song has a strong orchestra sound followed up by a genre change to a Hip-hop beat, so it will be nice to pay attention to those parts”(JISOO).

Member ROSÉ hinted, “The beginning of the song is calm and includes lyrics in despair, but the latter part of the song is like a cat that changes abruptly after being quiet”.

BLACKPINK referred ‘How You Like That’ as a ‘Taster song’ of their upcoming first album.

“We will go on a challenge of releasing our first official album(in September). It was a long process. We prepared the song with the thought that we should deal with new and different genres(on the upcoming album). We are also curious how we(BLACKPINK) will change and improve”(JENNIE).

BLACKPINK’s own powerful dance and performances have also been prepared. JENNIE stated, “We have a dance hook at the end of the choreography”. She confessed, “All four of us practiced until we got bruises on our knees and laugh while looking at each other’s bruises sometimes”. The outfits are also a point to look out for. BLACKPINK has always presented outfits that match the mood of the song, which provides eye candy for the viewers.

“Styling(outfits) is one of the most necessary elements in BLACKPINK completing the song. We can create a synergy effect and express our music to its maximum potential when vocals, dance, and styling create a harmony. We will move forward with the goal of making something that does not exist in the world. We are always working hard”(JENNIE).

Following their latest single, BLACKPINK will release another new song at the end of this month ore at the beginning of next month. They’ve also noticed solo activities, in addition to their upcoming album release. ‘How You Like That’ was ranked at no. 2 on the ‘Global Top 50’ of Spotify, the world’s biggest music platform, on the 28th(local time). It surpasses the previous record set by BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’, ranked at no. 5.

The ‘How You Like That’ MV is also receiving heated responses. The video surpassed 100M views on YouTube in 32 hours since its release, setting a new world record.

Source: YG-Life

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