[NEWS] BLACKPINK’s Twitter Blue Room Live Watched By 2.2M Users, Biggest Record in History

Twitter was moved by BLACKPINK.

The Twitter Blue Room Live Q&A Broadcast with Twitter Korea and BLACKPINK held on June 30 reached 2.2M accumulated viewers and was ranked at no. 1 on the Twitter Worldwide Trend Rankings during the broadcast. After recently releasing ‘How You Like That’, BLACKPINK opened their official Twitter account on the 26th and uploaded their first tweet, grabbing the attention of global fans. BLACKPINK’s first tweet collected 711,000 likes and 276,000 retweets. From June 26 until July 2, for 7 days, they brought up 19.1M tweets through their new song announcement, comeback, official Twitter account opening, emoji launching, and their Twitter Blue Room Live broadcast.

Twitter launched 5 special emojis to celebrate BLACKPINK’s comeback and official account opening and prepared a session which BLACKPINK members and the fans can communicate through Twitter’s Blue Room Live Q&A. Prior to the broadcast, BLACKPINK used Twitter Voice and uploaded a tweet that said, “See You Soon @BLACKPINK”, raising the fans’ expectations. All members of BLACKPINK participated in the broadcast and talked about their new song and behind episodes, as well as answering to the questions left by fans through Twitter.

The members introduced their special emojis on Twitter drawn by the global fans themselves, as well as explaining how to draw them. The emojis drawn by BLACKPINK can be applied by using hashtags of member names in Korean or English, such as #JISOO, #LISA, #ROSÉ, and #JENNIE. BLACKPINK also prepared a corner which they made album covers to present to ‘BLINK(BLACKPINK fans)’ themselves and expressed their own colors, which made the fans react. BLACKPINK members decorated the album cover using various stickers, which will be gifted to the fans who left questions on Twitter through a draw.

In addition, the members responded to questions such as ‘The killing part of the new song thought by each member’, ‘What kind of ideas by members were applied to the latest MV’, ‘Things to focus on the new song promotional activities’, and more. BLACKPINK’s Twitter Blue Room Live Q&A can be watched through BLACKPINK’s official Twitter account.

Director Kim Yeonjung, in charge of Twitter’s global K-Pop and K-Contents partnership, stated that, “K-Pop fans can participate on real-time conversations regarding K-Pop through Twitter’s customized contents”. She added, “Through the Twitter Blue Room LIVE program, we will provide various contents and will support global K-Pop artists such as ‘BLACKPINK’ so that they can communicate with global fans in a unique way”.

After the broadcast, ‘#JENNIE x #LISA’ and ‘#JISOO x #ROSÉ’ provided the ‘#TwitterBlueroom 360 video’ as a special video content, which reached 6M views. The fans reacted with passion. BLACKPINK also had time to use Twitter’s Fleet, a function which launched that day. Fleet is a new service by Twitter which makes an uploaded content disappear after 24 hours and is being tested in Korea. It has no like or retweet functions and the viewers cannot see comments, so that they can share their thoughts easily and fast without pressure.

Watch their live broadcast HERE.

Source: YG-Life

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