[NEWS] BLACKPINK to Renew Best K-Pop Record on Billboard, Dance Practice Video Hits 20M Views

Girl group BLACKPINK’s pre-release single ‘How You Like That’ is continuing its popularity storm.

On July 6(local time), US Billboard has revealed that ‘How You Like That’ is expected to enter the Hot 100 chart as no. 33, and that the song has entered Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart as no. 1 and the US Digital Song Sales chart as no. 2. They are both the highest records in K-Pop girl group history.

As a result, BLACKPINK has entered the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the second time and has entered the Hot 100 chart for the fifth time. BLACKPINK has previously been ranked at no. 33 on the Hot 100 with ‘Sour Candy’ collaborated with Lady Gaga, setting the best K-Pop girl group record on the Hot 100 chart.

‘How You Like That’ not only dominated major Korean music charts as soon as the song was released, but also topped iTunes charts in 64 different countries, was ranked at no. 2 on the Global Top 50 chart on Spotify, and entered UK’s Official Singles Chart as no. 20, proving their global popularity. Furthermore, the ‘How You Like That’ MV collected 5 new Guinness World Records including the category, ‘The Most Watched YouTube Video in 24 Hours’, by reaching 86.3M views on the date of its release. The video also reached 100M views in 32 hours and 200M views in 7 days, setting the world’s fastest records as well.

Detailed indexes also show that ‘How You Like That’ has a strong presence on Billboard charts. ‘How You Like That’ was ranked at no. 2 on Billboard’s Top Selling Song charts this week. The song was also ranked at no. 1 on the World Digital Song Sales Chart. BLACKPINK has previously ranked at no. 1 on the according chart with songs ‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, and ‘Kill This Love’. It is their sixth time topping the according chart.

After renewing the best K-Pop girl group record on UK’s Official Singles chart as no. 20 on the 3rd, on July 6, the song was also ranked at no. 11 on the ‘BIG TOP 40’, which is UK’s biggest radio chart.

The song also won the triple crown on QQ Music, the biggest music platform in China, and is maintaining its no. 1 spot on the QQ Global MV Chart for 12 consecutive days. They are also doing the same in Korean music charts. ‘How You Like That’ has achieved a ‘perfect all-kill’ by dominating daily and weekly charts of Melon, Genie, Naver, and Bugs.

Meanwhile, according to YG Entertainment on July 7, the dance practice video of ‘How You Like That’, released on the 6th at 9 AM, reached 19M views on YouTube in 24 hours. The video surpassed 20M views on the same day at 11 AM, which is showing unprecedented increases in views considering that it’s a dance practice video, not an official MV.

Source: YG-Life

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