BLACKPINK Reveals Their First Impression & Key Points to Look Forward to ‘Ice Cream’

The collaboration between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez is garnering lots of expectation from all over the world. How do you feel as we draw closer to the announcement?

A song that we’ve worked hard on for a long time is coming out. It’s even more special because we were able to do it with Selena Gomez. Being able to meet our fans again with an exciting and bright song makes us the most happy.

How was the collaboration with Selena Gomez?

All of our members are fans of Selena Gomez. Although we couldn’t meet her in person and work with her, we felt her charm once again as we communicated with her several times. We thought she was a very cool person when we saw her sharing opinions with others in a humble and easy way. We were so happy to hear that she was also a fan of ours, and we’re very satisfied with the work made by sharing musical synergy with her.

What was your first impression of ‘Ice Cream’?

When we first heard the melody, it felt like our mouths were filled with sweetness. We think that people who are suffering from the summer heat can chill while listening to the song. We hope the good energy and excitement we felt will be delivered to everyone who listen.

What new charms will you show?

It’s always fun to try something new. ‘Ice Cream’ tries to express refreshing and lovely charms, contrary to our pre-released sing “How You Like That” in June. It has a cool reverse charm like ice cream that melts the summer heat, so please look forward to it.

What are the points to look out for in the ‘Ice Cream’ MV?

A set and pastel-toned cute props that reminds you of sweet ice cream. The colorful costumes and overall lively styling went well with the music. Our opinions were actively reflected.

Lastly, please say something to your fans.

Thank you for all the fans worldwide. We’re looking forward to the day we can meet in person & perform Ice Cream on stage with Selena Gomez. We’ll be able to meet soon so until then we hope everyone listens to Ice Cream with healthy & happy hearts.

Ice Cream is a pop genre song with a simple rhythm and cheerful sound that is optimized for the hot summer. The lyrics express the meaning of “It looks cold on the outside, but it turns out to be sweet.” with popping melody.

It was produced by TEDDY, who has been in charge of all songs since BP’s debut, Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks, who produced hit songs by several pop stars, including Ariana Grande. The weight of those who united for BLACKPINK makes us expect the musical perfection of “Ice Cream”.

Source: Naver/Osen
Translations by @jendeukiebabo @i60808

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