BLACKPINK’s Official Debut Album Surpasses 1M Pre-Orders + Achieves 1M Pre-Saves in China’s QQMusic

BLACKPINK set the biggest initial sales record in K-Pop girl group history, as well as receiving the green light to becoming million sellers.

According to YG Entertainment on October 2, BLACKPINK’s official debut album ‘THE ALBUM’ has surpassed a total of 1 million pre-orders.

The figure adds sales from all countries of the world. Sales from Korea add up to approximately 670 thousand, and 340 thousand from the US and Europe combined.

YG has previously revealed, “The 18,888 limited edition LPs have been already sold out”. Adding these together, total sales surpass 1 million.

Considering that physical copies will be officially released on October 6, 4 days after the release of the album, total sales are expected to increase.

Not only that, ‘THE ALBUM’ has also achieved 1M pre-saves in China’s streaming app QQ Music. The platform’s Weibo account posted a congratulatory post about this milestone and hailed BLACKPINK as “the first Korean group on the QQ music platform & the fastest to break through one million reservations”.

BLACKPINK is heating up the global music market prior to the release of their official debut album. The MV teaser and track list have surprised the fans, in particular.

That is because the album has many points to look forward to, such as JISOO and JENNIE’s participation in the writing and composing of the title song, featuring by top-class rapper Cardi B, and the participation of world-famous producers.

Since BLACKPINK’s debut album has been prepared for a long time with devotion by YG and Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest music label, and since it is their official debut album being released in 4 years since the group’s debut, it is known that the album is compiled of the best of various genres including Hip-hop, Pop, Dance, and R&B.

BLACKPINK has already broadened their fanbase and musical spectrum through pre-release singles with contrasting charms, ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Ice Cream’.

In fact, their success stood out of YouTube, which is the platform that leads the global music market trend. BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel subscribers has now reached 49M and has increased by approximately 8M for the past 3 months. They are dominantly no. 1 among all female artists and no. 2 among all artists in the world, just after Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s ‘THE ALBUM’ and the MV for its title song ‘Lovesick Girls’ will be released on October 2. They will be released at 12 AM US EST, 1 PM KST on the same day.

Source: YG-Life | QQ Music’s Weibo

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