BLACKPINK – The Album Interview on Naver VIBE

The title of the album is ‘THE ALBUM’. Why did you choose this simple title?

This is our first full album that we prepared for a long time. We felt like it could only be explained with the word ‘THE ALBUM’. It was written with the hope that it would be a special and unique album for both BLINKs and BLACKPINK, and an album that could permeate everyone’s hearts.

“Ice Cream”, featuring Selena Gomez, is already drawing keen attention. What was impressive about your collaboration with Selena Gomez?

As we have been a fan of hers for a long time, we think we were very lucky to be able to collaborate with her. Although we couldn’t meet her in person, we were able to share our thoughts about this collaboration through video call. We filmed the music video in our respective countries, and one day, we had a video call at each other’s music video set due to overlapping filming schedules, which was a really special experience. When we saw the completed music video, we were impressed by the incredible harmony that we could not believe that it was filmed separately, and we’re also glad that everyone was satisfied with the result.

It’s already been five years since you debuted in 2016. You must have had a lot of experience already, but it must have been emotionally different to have your first full album released. How did you feel?

It is true that we feel different because we have worked hard for a long time and it is our first full album. As a group, it seemed like it was just opening a new chapter. Just as we always focused on releasing new and high-quality songs, we think we prepared it with the same mind this time. Still, it is exciting that the music that has been made so far can be released in the form of a full album this time. All the albums were like that, but the moment they were released, it was meaningful because it was a time when our hard work was finally completed.

You are writing a new history such as chart records and YouTube views. What does it mean for BLACKPINK to succeed in the global pop market?

Every time we hear the news, it feels amazing and unreal. It is encouraging and grateful to know that we have so much interest and affection, and we feel like we have to work harder. We want to put meaning on the fact that there are more opportunities to communicate with fans from more diverse countries and to play our music to them.

What kind of song is the title track ‘Lovesick Girls’? The song was also revealed that Jisoo and Jennie participated in the lyrics for the first time. What did you want to say in the lyrics?

In fact, ‘Lovesick Girls’ is not a story limited to ‘love’. We wanted to tell the story of people who constantly gets hurt through the relationship, but eventually continues another relationship. We also wanted to capture the parts that we can experience, feel, and sympathize with in BLACKPINK’s own language through this full album. The first attempt led to participation in the song ‘Lovesick Girls’.

By what standards were the non-title tracks selected? Please tell me about the trial and error until this result comes out.

There is a tacit commitment to include only the results that we can all be satisfied with in the album. Of course, each of us has a lot of greed for music. Whenever we go to the studio, we think about how to make the previous version look better, and we repeat working again. There are some songs that are unfortunately eliminated in the process, but we can confidently say that the songs in this regular album are the results that we were all satisfied with.

Now that you’re like an overseas pop star, I’m already worried that there will be less domestic music broadcasts and domestic activities. Do you have any plans for domestic entertainment programs or activities that will make us feel more close and friendly?

We hope you don’t feel uneasy. We want to participate whenever we have a chance, and many activities are planned through this album, so please look forward to it and we would appreciate it if you show a lot of interest.

There are also many individual activities of each member. What strength do you give each other as a team and how do you connect to each other?

As we have been together for a long time, we are familiar and comfortable, but we are constantly stimulated and inspired by each other while watching professional performances on stage. When we are tired and exhausted, we rely on each other and gain strength. We think we are united in the process of filling up each other’s deficiencies, agonizing together, and moving forward for common goal, ‘BLACKPINK’.

Is there anything you’re trying to maintain your identity as K-pop?

We think there is no difference between K-pop and pop music. The word “K-pop” also means “Korean pop,” meaning the same pop music, although the language is only different. Instead of making two differences in the identity of K-pop and pop music, we focus on making our own music.

It’s important to always be new, but it’s also important to always show BLACKPINK-like consistency. Can you explain the details of BLACKPINK’s unique colors expressed in this album?

We wanted to keep showing BLACKPINK’s ‘confidence’. Like “Pretty Savage”, there are some cool and confident images in itself, but we also wanted to show you the confidence that comes from being honest with my feelings with “Lovesick Girls”. As you can see from the entire album, from the intense feeling like “How You Like That” to the refreshing charm of “Ice Cream,” all the tracks have different feelings like a spectrum.

As each member is working as the most influential fashion icons and ambassadors of global brands, interest in the styling of this album is also high. I wonder what ideas were there and what concepts were decided.

Whenever we release a new song, we tend to pay a lot of attention to the visual and styling. Before the music video shoot for “Lovesick Girls”, we actively commented on what scenes we would produce and what styling we would implement to express the song by participating in the meeting. Our ideas are contained in the small devices and concepts in the music video, and we constantly consult for styling to match the concept and increase the level of perfection through several fitting sessions.

Netflix’s original documentary “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky” will also be released soon. It is known that it was filmed closely to BLACKPINK for a long time. What did you plan to show us here?

We tried to capture our true selves behind the stage. We wanted to share with fans our frank aspects that we haven’t been able to reveal, such as our daily lives in the recording studio since our trainee years. Personally, it was meaningful because I could look back on the moments of BLACKPINK. It’s a project that we started to share more of our daily life with our fans, but we actually gained something more.

You’re really becoming a great idol for girls all over the world. You’ve achieved what you’ve dreamed of since you were a girl, and you’re inspiring other girls now. Is there anything you want to say to the young girls inspired by BLACKPINK?

In fact, we’re not good enough to be someone’s idol yet, but if we’ve been a little inspiration to young girls, we want them to know what they like, and to be confident, cherish and love themselves.

What are your plans for the future of meeting your fans during the global pandemic period?

As with the last promotion, unfortunately, we couldn’t meet the fans in person, so we met them through a video call. This time again, we are thinking about new ways to meet our fans. We would appreciate it if you could wait for a moment until then.

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Source: Naver VIBE
Translated by @i60808

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