Jisoo & Jung Haein compliment each others 80’s outfits in Poster Photoshoot Behind Interview

Premieres on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC; streaming worldwide via Disney+


“Snowdrop,” which will be helmed by the director and writer of JTBC’s smash hit “SKY Castle,” will be set in Seoul in 1987. The drama will tell the love story of Im Soo Ho, a student at a prestigious university who suddenly rushes into a female dorm one day covered in blood (played by Jung Hae In), and Eun Young Cho, the cheerful and lovable student who hides him and takes care of his wounds even while facing danger under close surveillance (played by Jisoo).

Im Soo Ho, who grew up in Germany, has a gentle charm but gives off an air of hiding a secret. After falling in love with him at first sight at a social gathering, the lively Eun Young Cho happens to run into him again at her dorm, where she winds up tending to his wounds in hiding.

Yoon Se Ah will play the role of Pi Seung Hee, the notoriously strict and terrifying housemother of Jisoo’s dorm, while Kim Hye Yoon will play Kye Boon Ok, a phone operator at the dorm who had to forgo a college education due to her family’s financial circumstances.

Jang Seung Jo will be playing the role of Lee Kang Moo, the relentless head of the National Intelligence Service (NIS)’s Team 1, who always insists on doing everything by the book. Meanwhile, Jung Yoo Jin will play Jang Han Na, an impulsive and hot-tempered NIS agent who is passionate about her job.

Yoo In Na will be starring as Kang Chung Ya, a beautiful and talented surgeon at a state-run hospital who can charm anyone in a split second. Although her skills in the operating room have earned her a solid reputation as a dependable surgeon, the mysterious Kang Chung Ya appears to be hiding something.

[211211] Poster Photoshoot Behind Interview

With English subtitles

[211210] Snowdrop Exclusive Full Trailer

With English subtitles

[211210] Chemistry Capsule Interview with Jisoo & Jung Haein

With English subtitles

[211208] Snowdrop Leads Talk About their Chemistry And More

Full Interview: Here

[211205] Snowdrop Strong Points

#1 “Strong Production”
<Sky Castle>’s production team’s year-end masterpiece

#2 “Strong Chemistry”
Jung Haein & Jisoo’s Fresh Pairing
Perfect chemistry of popular stars!

#3 “Strong Cast”
Ensemble made by the best actors to increase immersion in the acting!


“Full of Emotions”
“Retromelo” suitable for all generations this winter!

[211205] Snowdrop Trailer

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has unveiled a dramatic new teaser!

The one-minute teaser starts off with Su Ho narrating, “If I hadn’t met you…” and Young Ro saying, “If we were just ordinary people…”

Suddenly, the screen is filled with frightening scenes of broken objects and guns being loaded by masked people. Security general Nam Tae Il (Park Sung Woong) aggressively tells Young Ro’s father Eun Chang Soo (Heo Joon Ho), “We have barely three weeks left, three weeks! We provide the money and the North will plan out everything. What’s so hard about that?” Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo), leader of the National Security Planning Agency’s investigation team, walks into the dormitory with a gun ready to shoot.

Hosu Women’s University’s dormitory superintendent Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah) states with a serious expression, “The National Security Planning Agency could kill all of us to win the election. No, they could even turn this dormitory into their den.”

When a gun is aimed at the surgeon Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na), she desperately screams, “Don’t shoot!”

Lastly, Su Ho puts a necklace on Young Ro’s neck and says through a voice-over, “It’s too dangerous to come with me until the end.”

“Snowdrop” premieres on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211203] Snowdrop Full Cast Poster

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has released a new group poster showcasing its impressive cast!

In addition to leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo, the poster also features Kim Hye Yoon in character as Kye Boon Ok, a phone operator at the women’s university dorm; Yoo In Na as Kang Chung Ya, a mysterious and charming surgeon; Yoon Se Ah as Pi Seung Hee, a notoriously strict dorm inspector; Jang Seung Jo as Lee Kang Moo, the relentless head of the National Security Planning Agency’s investigation team; and Jung Yoo Jin as Jang Han Na, an impulsive and hot-tempered agent at the National Security Planning Agency.

The other members of the cast pictured include Heo Joon Ho as Eun Chang Soo, Park Sung Woong as Nam Tae Il, Kim Jung Nan as Hong Ae Ra, Jung Hye Young as Jo Jung Shim, Baek Ji Won as Choi Mi Hye, Lee Hwa Ryong as Ahn Kyung Hee, Kim Min Kyu as Joo Gyeok Chan, Jang In Sub as Eung Chul, Jung Shin Hye as Go Hye Ryung, Kim Mi Soo as Yeo Jung Min, Choi Hee Jin as Yoon Seol Hee, Ahn Dong Gu as Choi Byung Tae, Heo Nam Joon as Oh Kwang Tae, Kim Jong Soo as Kim Man Dong, Nam Mi Jung as Oh Deok Shim, and Jung Yi Seo as Shin Kyung Ja.

The producers of the drama commented, “One of the key points of ‘Snowdrop’ to keep an eye on is the dynamic characters that will be played by the greatest actors.”

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

Source: Soompi

[211203] Snowdrop Poster Photoshoot Behind
[211202] Snowdrop Still Cuts

JTBC’s “Snowdrop” has unveiled its first stills of Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo!

New stills reveal Im Su Ho and Eun Young Ro locked in an embrace though they are meeting for the first time. Eun Young Ro looks nervous as Im Su Ho suddenly approaches her, and Im Su Ho holds her tight with an uneasy gaze. The scene is both romantic and tense, raising questions about what could have happened to the pair. Eun Young Ro then looks at Im Su Ho, but he doesn’t return her gaze.

In order to film the scene well, Jung Hae In and Jisoo conversed and engaged with each other on set. The two actors became more in tune with their roles by reading their characters’ emotions, and they showed great teamwork as they helped each other rehearse their movements for the scene.

The producers of “Snowdrop” shared, “With their shining teamwork, the two actors Jung Hae In and Jisoo fully portrayed the scene that contains both tension and excitement. Please show lots of interest and anticipation for how the pair and their budding romance will overcome the whirlwind of events that come at them.”

“Snowdrop” premieres on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211130] Snowdrop Character Posters of Jisoo & Haein

JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Snowdrop” released new character posters of Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo!

The two new posters highlight Im Soo Ho’s and Eun Young Ro’s meaningful gazes behind broken glass.

In Im Soo Ho’s poster, he bows his head down in anguish. The text on the bottom reads, “The man who aims his fate at her, Im Soo Ho.” The lonely and heavy atmosphere along with the broken glass express the inner conflict Im Soo Ho feels as he stands between his fate and his inevitable love. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Jung Hae In will portray the mysterious character with his skilled and detailed acting.

In her poster, Eun Young Ro captivates viewers with her sorrowful gaze as she looks straight forward. Her pure trust in love seems to contrast starkly with the sharp glass fragments. The text on her poster reads, “The woman who aims her love at him, Eun Young Ro,” raising questions about the relationship between the two leads.

The production team shared, “The two actors Jung Hae In and Jisoo portrayed the perfect expressions and atmosphere at the poster shoot within a short period of time, and they were highly in sync with their characters.” They continued, “Please keep watch for how Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Ro, who get caught up in an incident that sweeps them up like fate, will connect and what decisions they’ll make.”

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211129] Snowdrop Script Reading

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” shared a behind-the-scenes look at the script reading!

The script reading begins with director Jo Hyun Tak sharing, “I’ll become a director you can always comfortably talk to about anything.” Scriptwriter Yoo Hyun Mi states, “I’ve harbored this topic in my heart for 12 years. I’ll work really hard to write it.”

From the first script reading, Jung Hae In and Jisoo impressed with their understanding of their roles and character portrayal. Jung Hae In plays Im Soo Ho, a graduate student of a prestigious university who is from Germany and has a lot of secrets. Jung Hae In comments, “He’s a figure that gets swept up in a whirlwind of events as the story progresses.” He later adds, “Since the director, scriptwriter, and senior actors eased my nervousness, I was able to participate in the script reading very comfortably and enjoyably.”

Jisoo stars as freshman Eun Young Ro, who is majoring in English at Hosu Woman’s University. In the interview, the actress shares, “She gets swept up in an incident with Su Ho, so please tune in to find out what happens and what incident they get caught up in.” Jisoo also remarks, “It was my first script reading, but I got energized because everyone treated me comfortably and cheered me on a lot.”

Jang Seung Jo takes on the role of the stubborn Lee Kang Moo, who is the relentless team leader of the National Security Planning Agency’s investigation team. Yoon Se Ah plays Hosu Woman’s University’s dorm inspector Pi Seung Hee, while Kim Hye Yoon stars as the dormitory’s phone operator Gye Boon Ok. Kim Hye Yoon comments, “I’m grateful to be able to act in such a good project, and I think it’ll be a project I can learn a lot from.”

Furthermore, Jung Yoo Jin plays Jang Han Na, the hot-tempered employee of the National Security Planning Agency, Heo Joon Ho plays Eun Young Ro’s father Eun Chang Soo, Kim Jung Nan plays Eun Chang Soo’s wife Hong Ae Ra, Park Sung Woong plays security general Nam Tae Il, and Jung Hye Young plays Nam Tae Il’s wife Jo Sung Shim.

The script reading ends with the cast expressing their excitement for the upcoming premiere. Take a look at the full script reading below:

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211126] Snowdrop 4th Teaser Video

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has unveiled a new teaser!

The new teaser begins with Su Ho saying in voice-over, “I remember the day I first met you.” The scene cuts to a vivid party where Su Ho and Young Ro meet on the dance floor. He continues, “If I had been an ordinary youth… if I hadn’t picked up that paper plane… if I hadn’t met you from the start…” The teaser flashes through romantic moments between the couple as they fold paper planes together, ride a bike together, and dance together.

But the teaser takes a dark turn as the flying paper plane turns into a gun that lands at Young Ro’s feet. Shaking with fear and anger, she points the gun at Su Ho and says, “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

Source: Soompi

[211120] Snowdrop 3rd Teaser Video

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has unveiled an intriguing new teaser!

The newly released teaser begins with Young Ro using a cassette player to record herself confessing her feelings for Su Ho. Hiding shyly under her blanket, she says, “I used to wonder what people meant when they talked about ‘falling in love at first sight.’ But the moment I saw him, I knew right away. Our hands only brushed for a moment, but my heart thudded in my chest. Could this be what they call first love?”

As the clip shows glimpses of their romance, Young Ro nervously asks Su Ho in voice-over, “We’ll be able to see each other again, right?”

However, the mood suddenly darkens as the camera cuts to Su Ho listening to her taped confession alone. Visibly shocked and tormented, Su Ho begins to tear up as he replies ominously, “We?”

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211114] Snowdrop 2nd Teaser Video (Full Ver.)

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” previewed the heart-fluttering romance between the leads!

Following a short version of the teaser, the newly released full “music prologue” teaser begins with Su Ho and Young Ro looking affectionately at each other as Yoo Jae Ha’s 1987 hit “Past Days” plays in the background. Romantic moments between two flash by as if they’re shown through a vintage projector screen. Su Ho and Young Ro are about to hold hands when the music stops abruptly.

Su Ho and Young Ro awkwardly shift away from each other as the radio DJ interrupts them by stating, “Oh my! Don’t be like that, and just confess. You might feel shy, but there might not be another opportunity if you don’t do it now. You don’t know if that person might be the most precious gift in your life.” Getting embarrassed, Su Ho fiddles with the radio, and Young Ro pretends to be busy looking at a snow globe.

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211112] Snowdrop 2nd Teaser Video (Short Ver.)

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has shared a sneak peek of the chemistry between its leads!

The newly released “music prologue” teaser features Su Ho and Young Ro seconds away from touching hands—while the background music (Yoo Jae Ha’s 1987 hit “Past Days”) transports viewers back to that moment in time decades ago.

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211109] Snowdrop 2nd Teaser Poster

Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s “Snowdrop” has unveiled its premiere date and a new poster!

The new poster revealed on November 9 features Su Ho and Young Ro sitting together under the warm sunlight. Su Ho looks off into the distance while Young Ro gazes at him with loving eyes. The poster captures the youthful beginning of their relationship as their faces show hints of excitement. A snowdrop flower in the foreground has its stem going right between the pair and adds a romantic atmosphere to the image. But at the same time, the way Su Ho doesn’t meet Young Ro’s gaze indicates some tension, which is only amplified by the text that reads, “Must not get caught. Both love and fate.”

The drama has announced that it will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi

[211029] Disney+ Interview with Jisoo


Ah, really? There’s Toy Story, too? How about Moana? Coco? So everything’s in it (Disney+)? Oh, that’s nice!

Hi, this is Jisoo. It feels like Disney has always been around me. Even when I go on tour overseas, I go to Disney World and Disney stores. I also really like Disney movies so ever since I was little, I watched a lot of Disney cartoons and even now, as a grown-up, I watch a lot as well.

I really like Disney cartoons so movies like Rapunzel, I’ve watched over 50 times. My members also really like Disney so we always sing the songs and braid our hair and play, and I recall those times so it feels like an old-time friend.

Translated by: @blackpinkbabo
[211014] Snowdrop 1st Teaser Video

The first teaser has been released for “Snowdrop”!

The teaser begins by giving a glimpse of the setting, Hosu Women’s University, and shows Su Ho riding a bike through the lightly falling snow. He emotionally says in a voiceover, “I’m sorry. It’s because of me.” The clip then teases heart-fluttering scenes as Su Ho and Young Ro overlap their hands and also run into each other. The teaser ends with Young Ro’s voice saying, “I miss you. I wish I could see you just once,” and she is seen grasping Su Ho’s sleeve.

Check out the teaser:

Source: Soompi

[211005] Snowdrop 1st Teaser Poster
[210818] Saturday-Sunday Drama Line-Up Teaser Feat. Snowdrop

To wrap up the year, “Snowdrop” will air as JTBC’s last Saturday-Sunday drama of 2021. Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo are shown dancing together in the short preview clips, giving a first glimpse of their upcoming romance.

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