Meet the team behind the first international fanbase of BLACKPINK!

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YGDreamers (와이지드리머즈) is the first international fanbase for YG’s Newest Girl Group, BLACKPINK. We aim to be your No. 1 and most reliable source for all things BLACKPINK. We will do our best to provide you the latest news and media of the girls, for BLINKs, by BLINKs.

The name YGDreamers originated from the rumored name of the group back 2011, Dream/Dreamers. Adding YG into it, YGDreamers was formed to signify how the group strive and continue to work hard to achieve their dreams while we, the fans, hand in hand, guide and support them to the star they aspire. We hope to help and witness BLACKPINK achieve their dreams and turn them into reality one by one through our fanbase and fan support.

We are online since December 4th, 2011 and was first established as a forum community page on December 8th, 2011. Later, over the years, due to various reasons, YGDreamers has evolved into a fansite as it is today.

Contact us through our email account ygdreamers@gmail.com or via our SNS accounts. Follow and like us on our official pages and accounts!





Staff Members

Jaybee (@jaybee238)Main Admin/ Co-FounderActive
Gab (@S0UTHTHTH)Main AdminActive
Anj (@meloncreme)KRN-RNG TranslatorActive
Rain (@drammmajjigae)Website AdminActive
Dan (@iLoveBPgirls)Twitter AdminActive
Qyu (redpastabae)Twitter AdminActive
Eve (@text_blackpink)Twitter AdminActive
Clarise (@mayooola_c)Instagram AdminActive
Rin (@whiylstaybp)Facebook AdminActive
Ran (@visualsrose)Instagram AdminActive
SaraMain Admin/ FounderHiatus/Inactive
AndreaAdmin/ Co-FounderHiatus/Inactive
YasminGD/ Tumblr AdminHiatus/Inactive
MollyTwitter AdminHiatus/Inactive
MimiTumblr AdminHiatus/Inactive

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*If you have any question, concern or suggestion, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. This page will also serve as a feedback section. Thank you!*

8 replies on “About YGDREAMERS”

Hi, thank you very much for always giving us updates about the girls. I salute all of you who’ve been so dedicated from the very start. I’ve been casually following their news since pinkpunk but i didn’t dare to invest too much feeling, haha. Turns out four years of waiting is not for nothing right, the girls always giving the best for us. Again, thank you very much for all your hardwork :):):)


Do you guys translate videos as well? I see you have some translators at hand so it would be great if you put them to use to translate the radio interviews that haven’t been done – Blinks have been waiting several weeks, almost a month now.


Hi!!! Thanks for doing this! Spread BP love ❤️ And if it’s not any kind of inconvenience, would you give a step by step methods of signing up as BP official fan? Sorry and love u guys. Keep up the great work


This Is Awesome, better, far far better than some commercial ones out there. You’ve stood to prove the very same essence Blackpink aspires and ignites- empowerment & unity to bear an out-of-the-world beauty. Keep up the great works, my best regards and wishes for greater successes and happiness to you, your team, your fellow fans and new ones to come,


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