The girls are finally coming. BLACKPINK is expected to debut on August 8 at 8pm KST with 2 digital singles, however, its a knowledge to fans that the upcoming girl group has long been mentioned and teased by YGE as early as 2011. In the past 4 years, its members (former and confirmed) have previously been introduced through different platforms–from teaser photos, vocal and dance videos to endorsements, song featurings and music video appearances. Surely, the girls have gained recognition and experience over the years through these involvements. With those, YGDreamers has compiled and summarized the various predebut activities the group has already done thus far. We hope the article and graphics will make the long staying supporters reminisce the past and help new fans learn more about BLACKPINK as we wait and look forward for their debut.

2012: WHO’S THAT GIRL???

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Since the latter half part of 2011, YG Entertainment has announced the intention to introduce a new girl group following 2NE1. Not long after news broke out about this plan, on November 2011, YGE officially posted a photo of Kim Eunbi along with the info that she’ll be one of the members of the upcoming group. A few months later, on April 6th of 2012, a practice video of Kim Eunbi and Kim Euna, was uploaded. It was then concluded that the two Superstar K alumni are first to join the girl group.

Introducing the still yet unknown female trainees, YG Entertainment used a unique way of teasing through the “Who’s That Girl???” series which was posted on the agency’s official blog site, “YG-Life”. Mystery Girl #1 kicked off the series on April 10, 2012. Through netizens’ investigations, the mystery girl’s identity was immediately disclosed. The girl on the picture is said to be Jennie Kim from New Zealand. In response to this, YGE confirmed the information and couldn’t hide their surprise when they commented, “The name and age are right. She moved abroad when she was very little so we didn’t think her information would be discovered if we shared her picture in Korea.”

A month after, a black and white teaser photo of yet another mystery girl was made public on May 4th. Consequently, on May 11th, a video was uploaded on YGE’s Youtube channel focusing on a trainee dancing to  Chris Brown’s “Turn Up The Music”. Netizens were quick to recognize the featured trainee as Lalisa ‘Lalice’ Manoban or Lisa who came from Thailand.

On August 29th of 2012, YG surprised everyone by releasing a practice video of Jennie Kim covering Strange Clouds by B.o.B feat Lil Wayne, confirming her as the first official member of the upcoming girl group. YGE also announced that she’ll be the female protagonist on G-Dragon’s comeback track’s music video, “That XX”. Moreover, it was later revealed that another member of the girl group is featured on G-Dragon’s album – “결국” (In The End/Without You). Many were captivated by the unknown girl’s unique voice and distinct enunciation of Korean lyrics.

Before the year ended, the group made an unofficial debut through featuring on Lee Hi’s second single, “허수아비 (Scarecrow)” in which a number of female YG trainees where heard singing the final chorus of the song.

Reports back then claim that the girls were set to debut that year on September with more than 7 members but for unknown reasons was pushed back January 2013.


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YG started 2013 by naming Mystery Girl #2 from the black and white teaser photo as Kim Jisoo. The agency revealed her as the second official member of the upcoming girl group along with 2 new photos. A few days after, a new practice video of Jennie Kim was unveiled to the public. In the video, Jennie is seen sing-rapping to Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale feat. Miguel. Moreover, Jennie was featured on “Special”, a track from Lee Hi’s first full-length album.


Though the girls were supposed to debut early that year, YG later announced another postponement through “FROM YG” on June 19. He said that they are planning to debut the girls on October 2013 with the remaining 6 members adopting an unconventional debut promotion. He further disclosed that the members are multilingual who are fluent in Korean, English and Japanese. Unfortunately, Kim Euna dropped out and left the agency before the supposed debut. She later debuted with Musik K’s The Ark (now disbanded) and is currently participating on the 3rd season of Mnet’s  Unpretty Rapstar.

However, despite this official post, the debut eventually didn’t happen and has to be pushed back again.

Regardless of the delay that year, the revealed members were still seen on some of YG artists’ projects. For one, Jennie continued to lend her voice to her seniors – this time to Big Bang’s Seungri for the song, “GG BE’ and G-Dragon’s “Black” for their respective comebacks. She even had a chance to perform live, predebut, on music shows to promote “Black”.

We’ve also gotten a glimpse of Lisa on Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video dancing in the background with brother groups, Winner and iKON. In that brief appearance, Lisa gave out a confident and free spirited impression.


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It was in 2014 when we first saw Lisa as a product endorser when she joined iKON’s B.I. and Bobby in modelling for YG’s clothing line, Nonagon/Nona9on. In addition that year, Jisoo took part in Epik High’s “Spoiler” + “Happen Ending” music video and acted as a couple with iKON’s Bobby on HISUHYUN’s “I’m Different” music video. It was also revealed then that Kpopstar contestant, Jang Hanna, joined YG with the possibility of her joining the new girl group which was reportedly to be making a debut on November 2014. Sadly, Kim Eunbi withdraws from the group due to health reasons.


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2015 is no doubt Kim Jisoo’s year! Jisoo has landed 4 endorsements that year! She had promotional shoots and commercial filmings for various products and services namely, Samsonite Red, Nikon, AngelStone, Smart Uniform. She even had the opportunity to be on print and tv with Hallyu star Lee Minho and labelmate group, iKON. Jisoo has also cameo-ed with YG Fam actors, Kang Seungyoon and Sandara Park on KBS’ drama, “The Producers”, as fictional regular casts of KBS’ variety show, “2 Days, 1 Night”.


Throughout the year, Nonagon has kept us updated via their SNS accounts with the latest of their collection modelled of course by our Lisa.


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Early this year, Lisa and Jisoo continued to impress us with their amazing visuals through Nonagon and Smart Uniform. Adding to the growing list of Jisoo’s endorsements is LG Mobiles’s Stylus2 & X Series with iKON.

As soon as the summer heat of 2016 was felt, YG once again hyped fans by announcing that the new girl group is finally going to debut on July with Teddy, YG’s resident producer, leading the production of the girls’ debut repertoire. It was also reported that international choreographers and high-quality directors were involved in the upcoming girl group’s debut preparation and promotion. YGE has also debunked the idea of previously revealed YG trainees, Jang Hanna and Moon Sua, joining the group.

The members of the group is said to be revealed one by one every week starting on June 1. Jennie was first and YG posted 7 photos of her, each conveying different concepts and expressions. Next was Lisa with photos highlighting her slender body and long legs. On June 15, it was Jisoo’s turn exuding with sweet and innocent aura. Last but certainly not the least, Rosé’s photo teasers were unveiled along with the information that she’s a Korean who was born and raised in Australia. YG also confirmed that she was the featured singer on G-Dragon’s 2012 track, “”결국” (In The End/Without You). A week following that, on June 29th, YG revealed that the group is complete and is named “BLACKPINK”, a name to mean that the group is not just pretty visuals but also talented individuals. It was further explained that while “PINK” is described to be feminine and pretty, the group’s visual is not only what they have to offer as the “BLACK” at the front of their name symbolizes a premium meaning like that of specially labelled products suggesting the members are talented as well.


Ahead of the debut, YGE posted onto BLACKPINK’s official Youtube channel a dance practice video of the group covering Parris Geobel & The Royal Family’s choreography to Rihanna’s “B**** Better Have My Money”. Furthermore, BLACKPINK opened their official Instagram account and Facebook page.


On the 29th of July, YG announced their debut date to be 888, August 8th at 8PM KST along with a teaser photo followed by reports that BLACKPINK has completed filming 3 music videos and that Teddy already finished the upcoming girl group’s debut album after 2 years of preparation.

It was August 3 when YGE started its countdown to BLACKPINK’s debut. Individual and group photos were uploaded on YG’s official blog site containing phrases like IN YOUR AREA” and “SQUARE ONE”. The agency also said that the upcoming girl group will debut with 2 singles showcasing them for the first time through Naver VLive/VApp on August 8 at 3pm KST. The girls will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on August 14.

Finally, on August 5, revealed one of its debut singles, “BOOMBAYAH”, a song produced and written by Teddy with the help of Bekah Boom. This song’s music video is directed by Seo Hyun Seung who is behind 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”, “Fire” and “I Love You” as well as Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” music videos. Four renowned foreign choreographers have also participated in creating the moves for BLACKPINK’s debut single/performance.


It’s just a short matter of time before we witness the fruits of the members and staff’s labor. Counting down to their most awaited debut is just thrilling and exciting!

How about you, ladies and gents? How do you feel about the upcoming debut of BLACKPINK? What do you think will be their concept? Share your thoughts and drop a comment below! ^^

A/N: Other notable trivia about the group and the girls from the past years

The group was previously rumored to be named Dream/Dreamers, TLC-F (combination of International pop group TLC and 1st generation female Kpop group Fin.K.L), and Pink Punk (as seen on Jennie Kim’s trainee practice video) at some point in time. It was also revealed in the past that there were at least 10 to a dozen girls vying to be part of the so-called “YG SNSD”. Also, as seen on Lisa’s first video teaser (Who’s That Girl???: The 5th), there were about 7 female trainees dancing  in the background with Eunbi, Euna and Jennie clearly spotted. Initially, from 10-12, it has shrunk to 6, then to 4 as we know now.

Reports back then say that G-Dragon will be the main producer of the group and just recently there were news published that he produced a song or two for them too.

Also, get to know more about the members by clicking their profile thumbnails below!

Article and Graphics by Jaybee of YGDreamers

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