Park Chaeyoung (박채영 | Roseanne Park)

Position: Main Vocalist
Nickname: Rosie
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: February 11, 1997
Languages: Korean, English and Japanese
Nationality: Korean (born in New Zealand and raised in Australia)

Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

More Interesting Info About ROSÉ:

  • She’s left-handed and plays the guitar.
  • Her father thought his daughter had great talent and sent an audition video to YG. That’s how she joined YG as a trainee at age 15.
  • She has a pet fish named ‘Juhwang’.
  • She loves mangoes and dislikes avocado.

Featurings (Predebut):
2012 – G-Dragon – “결국 (In The End/Without You)”