[NEWS] 181026 BLACKPINK’s Lisa Bursts Into Tears After Seeing Letter From Jisoo On “Real Men 300”

On the October 26 broadcast of MBC’s “Real Men 300,” Lisa received a letter from fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo.

Lisa burst into tears immediately upon opening the letter, which said (only the last half of the letter is visible):

“Lisa, it must be hard and exhausting in the heat, but I think it would be great if — just like you are to us — you’re a vitamin there, being loved and giving strength to others. My little one, always bright and energetic. Come back soon so we can go get something good to eat (I’m buying!!!). We can have tons of [soda]. Love you, and hope you come back with a bright smile.”

181026 real men lisa 2

After reading the letter, Lisa said, “The reason why I cried as soon as I opened it is because she printed out a polaroid from our trip to Jeju island together.”

Source: Soompi

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